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Very descriptive, Robyn. So, so mouthwatering stuff. The crackling, the tender cuts, and the jam?!
I can imagine those dagger stares while you waltzed away with a sandwich at hand. :)

A Lil Fat Monkey

Robyn, this is awesomeness! Wish I could one day give this a try too.


I agree with you 100%. I was in San Francisco last April and had this exact same sandwich. I think it is possibly the best pork sandwich I've EVER had, including similar ones from a truck with a whole roasted pig in Tuscany.


thats a very honest looking sandwich. not your father's ham n cheese :)
although i still like mustard on my pig, fresh made mustard,no jar please.

kitchen tables

This is a moth watering sandwich! I love it. It seems that I am going to be full with one bite of this.

jin loves to eat

OH MY GOD!!!! That RoliRoti porchetta sandwich is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life!!


Oh my, oh my, oh my - how could I have missed this place. I've visited the Sat Farmer's Market at the Ferry Plaza countless times in the past 3 years, but never knew such deliciousness existed round the corner till you pointed this out!

Ikan Bakar

I'm Indonesian and my wife is very good at fish. :-)


wow, now thats a sandwich...

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We stood to the side of the truck as he prepared a sandwich for us then and there.

Eleanor Hoh (WokStar)

Robyn, 4 yrs. ago I was at Ferry Plaza market day and saw all these delicious food trucks just like in Dave's beautiful photos! I wasn't the crazy photo taking nut that I am now. I love crackling too, now I have to stop in SF on my way to Hong Kong just to have it. You got me pining for one. Always enjoy your posts and sense of humor.


Eleanor, I made myself hungry by revisiting this post! And I should add that I'm really not much of a sandwich person.
Thanks for reading!

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