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We've seen chicken cooked similarly in bamboo here in Sarawak. Amazing, and delicious.

Hopefully we can finagle a recipe from one of our friends.


I can't begin to tell you how happy I am each time you've got a new post here. And this is one of the best ones yet, the photos are gorgeous!


Our Sarawak version is called Ayam Pansuh. The seasoning is mainly lemon grass, ginger and some local herbs. One of my favourite indigenous recipes. The chicken cooked in this process takes on an almost silky texture if done right. Truly wonderful served with some Bario rice.

Life 2.0

The cooking process is amazing and thank you for documenting it so well. Have a wonderful holiday season and New Year.

Warm Wishes,


Btw, we just about 4 inches of snow today, but the low dense clouds have made the day quite warm and wonderful.


Thanks a lot for sharing, this dish looked awesome. I have had rice dishes cooked in bamboo before (in taiwan), but this preparation opens my eye.

As always, amazing photographs.


Nate and BorneoBoy - have not tried the Sarawak version, but there is something about the bamboo that lends this wonderful flavor and, as BorneoBoy pointed out, give the chicken a great silky texture. In some ways it reminds me of the texture of my mom's Tgiving dressing when she cooks it inside the bird.

Thanks Spike, for reading (or just looking, whatever the case may be)!

Life 2.0 - same to you. We are heading north in a few wks. Don't think we'll see snow but I am looking forward to temps in the 40s (F).

Albert - you're welcome, and thanks for the nice words. Where in Taiwan, on the east coast?

Pepy @ Indonesia Eats

Something that I would be impossible to recreate here :(


Hi Pepy -- I've thought about wrapping/rolling the mixture in banana leaf and BBQing, or baking at high heat. (Maybe wrapped in foil). Yes, you would not get the bamboo flavor but the leaf would give something.
I've had Balinese pepes ayam and also with duck prepared in an oven -- it's not bad.


I think the practice of cooking rice in bamboo in Taiwan is attributed to the aboriginal tribes in the mountainous regions on the island. Thus while you might encounter this dish (called 竹筒飯, literally rice in a bamboo tube) in the coastal cities and towns on occasion, it is more commonly found in more inland places (such as 南投)


This reminds me of lemang in Malaysia. I have never had lemang when I was growing up in KL. I will make an effort to eat lemang on my next visit.


Albert - Thanks for the info ... we'll keep an eye out for it on our next trip.

Hi Meng - Malaysians say it's difficult these days to fine 'real' lemang ... ie rice that's been entirely cooked in bamboo rather than cooked beforehand and stuffed in for a final turn over the fire. But we've had some tasty versions here in KL.


The locals in Sarawak make great lemang during Gawai and Hari Raya. You all should come down here and give it a try, especially during Ramadhan when there are several great bazaars.

healthy sports

Does not look good at all.. But I hope it taste good.. :)

small homes

Asian dishes never fail to amaze me. Asians are so creative and they make the most out of what nature can give them in order to survive.


What magnificent shots, and so vibrant. They chose to cook this in the middle of the field huh?
Reminds me of the 'lemang' from Malaysia, mixed with elements from 'otak-otak' (fish paste/souffle?).


I adore food cooked in bamboo - steamed meat, sticky rice, banana pudding - it's all good.

I don't think I'll be recreating this recipe though, wonderful though it seems :)

Jason Sandeman

Oh, this dish is super not fair. I would give a LOT to be able to cut open that bamboo and taste what was inside. Authentic, real, and very cool at that. I am so putting this on the tasting. I just wish I knew the recipe!

Joyce Siew

Authentic & superb post! If you have the chance, do visit Adeline's Place in Gopeng (within the kampung & jungle). Tell her that her chicken feet bamboo soup is fantastic, and she may just specially cook it for ya! Had the opportunity to enjoy it while having my company gathering there.


Looks good. Makes me think of the chicken+banana stem dish served at weddings in Sumatra. My favourite of all the dishes i think.

Anyway, you need to add this post to the 'Indonesia' category...

Vintage Rings

Amazing post! I like Indonesian food, but I never saw how it's cooked in real life. I think you are lucky on being a part of this process. Very nice photos and descriptions, I'm sure the finally dish was very tasty. I wish I can taste it:) Thanks for the post.

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