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Nate @ House of Annie

You say the city has changed but you've managed to capture images of timelessness here. Such beauty!

the lacquer spoon

Hmm... I can smell those dried chillies. The handful a day keeps the doctor away :))


Like Nate said...timeless! I love the last pic..is the guy frying up the pale yellow chives that I so love but are hardly available here and oh so expensive! Haven't found anything that can substitute its flavour.


I must say, that is the most gorgeous photo of Sichuan peppercorn I've ever seen. Hope you're having a great time in China!


I love the weighing scale that's resting on the pile of dried chillies. So gorgeous.

Dave -nibbleanibble

Beautiful shots. I love street food. Too bad there's nothing like this in LA.


wow - that chillies and scales shot is absolutely luscious!
and i also love the one with the huge fire -the nonchalance of the guy on the right is so sichuanese!
loving all these chengdu posts, keep them coming!


Oh my.. Dave really captured the aroma with a camera. Well done pictures.


And now I am KICKING myself for not having made it out to Chengdu last year...I've been loving this series!

Rasa Malaysia

I always wonder how much dried red chilies and huajiao they consume on a daily basis!!! But I looooove the "chiang" taste, I think it should be added as the 6th flavor. LOL.


Thanks everyone for the nice words about Dave's photos.

Nate - it's there, you just have to look for it much harder than you did 25 years ago!

lacquerspoon - totally agree. Amazing how many incredibly hale and hearty 90-year-olds we met in Chengdu! Must have sth to do with the diet.

Chris -- I believe he's frying those up with potatoes!

Stephanie - oh, sorry to hear you miss Chengdu. I think it's a must for any food-oriented visitor to China.

Rasa - well, since there are chilies and huajiao in almost everything (almost -- and some Sichuanese bu chi la), the answer is 'alot'.

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