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My goodness that looks heavenly! I wonder if they sell this at any authentic Chinese restaurants outside of China...

Would you happen to know the Chinese characters for shouzhang mian?


Characters: 手掌面
I suspect you won't find this outside China...


I *am* intrigued by the mifen zheng cai! I can't wait to learn about this.


I've never seen palm noodles before. They look so delicious

Katy Biggs

Do you find, on this trip, more about 're-visiting' old falvours or as much about discovering 'new/modern' flavours (like the hot beer)? Obviously one expects people eat better now as the society is wealthier, but has the food scene changed much since? BTW, what is that apron people are wearing, the young chap on here and your Ayi on an earlier post. It's got a logo with characters 'Sha Lin' on it?

Rasa Malaysia

Looks like you guys are hitting all the right spots at Chengdu. That's awesome. I want some hot pot Chengdu style. Yummy!


my mouth is overflowing with drool...

Mr Noodles

Stunning. I have never come across these noodles before ! That's why i love your blog, always full of informative stuff.

Shaun @ Everybody Loves Ramen

Hey these noodles look really great! I keep reading this post and salivate every time -- even if my stomach is full!

By the way, I have been reading your posts for about 3 days straight (slow week at work :P ) and it is truly my favorite food blog! I love the photos, the writing (I almost never read what's written in food blogs!) , the appreciation for the cultures (love that you have photos of all the locals preparing and eating!) and the ADVENTURE!

much love to you both.

Louise Campbell

Asians are more carbo eaters than protein. They can't eat without rice on the table. It is their staple food. If not in the whole Asia but some of the Asian countries.

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