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Liuzhou Laowai

"a sight not familiar to us from our time in Chengdu"

You surprise me. I've been seeing it for near 15 years.

The mid-80s were 25 years ago!


I made some larou last year, it is the best thing to jazz up a vegetable dish!


Is "la-rou' a literal translation of "wax meat"? I've seen darker coloured versions of it and it is used in making flavoured rice in a hotpot, very popular in the winter. In the early days Mum made some in the basement, hanging strips of pork belly from the rafters!

Lisa in Toronto

Glad to hear you are eating well in Sichuan, but I had full confidence.

I am sorry that I do not know the name of the restaurant I want to recommend to you (if it is not yet demolished of course), but it is on Fuxing Lu, not too far from the Starbucks opposite the the Xinjiekou pedestrian mall.
I thought the food was delicious!

Here (http://www.analecta.ca/lisarr/archives/00000693.html ) is a photo of part of the sign.
Here (http://www.analecta.ca/lisarr/archives/00000694.html ) is a photo of the street sign.

And have you met the author of the Food and Drink Chengdu blog (http://eatdrinkchengdu.blogspot.com )? Her recommendations seem excellent. Oops you would need a VPN to view that where you are.


If you want some really good larou you should consider traveling over to Hunan province, where it's much more prevalent. I recommend western Hunan province, that's definitely your guys' kind of place. Love the blog!

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that makes me hungry.. I want to eat that..

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Wow, looks mouth watering makes me feel hungry.


I see it beats out Roli Roti's porchetta!


This post makes me really want to visit Chengdu, would offer a nice culinary change from Beijing.


Chris - the 'la' in 'larou' actually comes from the 'la' which is another word for the 12th lunar month of the year, referring, presumably, to the time of year at which they are traditionally made

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