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Andrea Nguyen

Fabulous, Robyn and Dave. The red oil vegetable looks like a type of rapeseed, what canola oil is made from.


Now I really want to go to Sichuan someday.

small homes

I would love to go to Sichuan one day. I like their market. They have a bountiful!


Great post. You really did land on your feet by the looks of it, by accident or design?

I remember being told chollabuk-to province in South Korea was the home of Korean food, which swung my decision to move there rather than the east coast.

So glad I did. Similar journeys, different locations.

Nate @ House of Annie

Wow, that's quite an awesome sight! And a foodie wonderland.

We are really blessed to be able to travel to different countries and try foods that are new to us.

Katy Biggs

I am particularly intrigued by these mushrooms - I blew up the picture too to have a good look - the one on the front, to the right of the little red basket - never seen one of that shape and size, it's as big as a potato! Is it all mushroom, or is it hollow in the middle?

CuriousEats - Lissa

Absolutely beautiful markets! BTW, I voted for you!!!!



love larou!:-)

paula Pacheco

I loved the pictures, seeing a lot of kind of bean curd, mushrooms hummm so good. And how they can sell pork meat without refrigerator? Here in my country it´s not possible rsrsrsr...but, every country has your culture, isnt´it?


I've never seen or thought of Chengdu that way before. Incredible!


I miss the hong yu chai and who else but the Chinese can think about eating the humble doumieo?

Teri Y.

I'm a fan of youcai in general but haven't seen, heard, nor tried the red ones before. I'm curious as to what makes them red. The color reminds me of beets.


Actually I think the Doumiao (pea leaves)can only be found in Sichuan. I really miss that taste! When i was living in Beijing and Guangzhou, I can hardly see Doumiao in any markets or restaurants.


Amie, I think that was the case when we first lived in Sichuan 25 years ago but while living in Shanghai in the late 90s we got doumiao once in a while (it's seasonal) and I've eaten in it Nanjing as well.

Teri - just one reason to have a kitchen at your disposal if you find yourself in Chengdu.

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