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Life 2.0



What are the yellow jellies in the bowls in the 4th picture? Are they to be eaten the same way the noodles are eaten?

CuriousEats - Lissa

Wow! Those noodles look so amazing with the spices and chilies clinging to them. Thank you so much for sharing your travels. Chengdu is on my list of places I must visit!


Fantastic post and pictures.

The only issue I have with eating 'dry' noodle dishes in a sauce like these is that I always seem to get a few speckles on my shirt when tossing the noodles, small price to pay though.

dining room tables

Yummy! I really like the way they make noodles the most delicious food. They put it in lots of various sauces!



I just found your blog, and I have to say: I love it! China is *is* just one of those places that you hate, then you love, then you have to see again. Like a crazy ex-lover.

I was in Beijing, so your Taiwan posts have me yearning for doujiang and jianbing (to which oyster!pancake possesses heart-breaking resemblance).

But this... is making me think of Fuschia Dunlop's "Land of Plenty" (Sichuan cuisine--one of those cookbooks that is also good as light reading). So interesting to see the stuff "in the flesh"--and the flavors sound amazing. (personal experience with Sichuan food boils down--eh heh--to ma-la-tang) And I love, love, love that hua jiao, as well...


Life - more yummy than you suspect!

Oniyon - that's made with small yellow beans, and yes it is eaten essentially the same way, except for no bean paste (just soy sauce, huajiao, sesame paste+seeds, sugar, vinegar, lots of chili oil). Very tasty, but more popular (along with other 'jellies') in the summer than the winter.

CuriousEats - this trip has confirmed that Chengdu has to be one of China's best cities in which to eat. It's better if you like spicy stuff, though.

Albert - tell me about it! I fear that the splatter stains on my winter coat will never come out. :-) I should carry a bib.

perry- thanks, and welcome. You're description of the China 'relationship' is apt. We've returned after almost ten years and find that we like it very much indeed. But I should note that I think Chengdu has its own 'vibe' that's particularly appealing to us.


Was in Chengdu in the 80s as well, so glad I did China before Starbucks got there! The red oil wantan is my most fave dumplings..haven't come to anything close to it in North America. Surely someone must have that recipe for the sauce! Am so drooling now!


I see you've discovered my Chengdu secret! I will be posting about this myself in a few days, and stumbled upon this by accident. Can't believe i missed it.. Great write up- they are in fact, the best noodles ever.

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