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Deng Huang

I imagine you'd get more votes if you'd return to the previous RSS feed style displaying more of the thread and ideally a picture or two. As you run a blog I am sure you're aware that every major RSS reader and social networking page out there has functions to share RSS articles. I must have brought at least 8 subscribers to your blog through sharing it with my meager list of friends on Google Reader. Granted I can still share your posts but the 2 or 3 sentence blurbs now aren't going to get many people to click and see what the fuss is about.


Congrats. Very well deserved. Hope you have more luck that I did :)


Agreed with Deng Huang - I really love reading your blog, but I hate the use of the stripped-down RSS version.

the lacquer spoon

I've done, surely... crossing my fingers!!!


Deng Huang and Mike - Thanks for your support. I haven't adjusted our RSS and I've been back and forth with Typepad over the last couple wks abt it; they say there's no problem, I say there is. Hopefully we can get this resolved in the near future. Your patience is appreciated.

Graham - Thanks Graham. If we win great, if we don't, oh well. The recognition is appreciated though.

Katy Biggs

Done the vote -pleasure.

I personally have no problem about the RSS style, for me, when a thread provides too much, I felt I've read it and left. Whereas, if it's just a 'headline', that's exactaly the reason why I want to go in and discover 'what the fuss is about'! But I do agree, photos catch eyes and most readers don't read photo-less blogs (I don't!)

I like the idea of the award prize 2010 cents! Lovely!

Paul Bowler

Voted! Many thanks for keeping me entertained with your brilliant blog. Keep up the great work




I just found our blog while going through the votes! I love eating and cooking Asian foods so I will definitely be following your blog now! I glanced at a few posts and LOVE the pictures!!

Rasa Malaysia


Teri Y


I love your blog-- wonderful writing and amazing pictures. Keep it up. Your blog is one of my daily must-reads.

Your posts have inspired me to be a food and photojournalist "when I grow up".


Love your blog and pleasure's all mine. Voted!


Voted for you. Good luck !


You've got my vote, and my wife's as well. We voted using different computers at work!

All the best!

Tangled Noodle

Just voted for you - congratulations and good luck!

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