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Tangled Noodle

Between your words and David's photos, I'm now deep in the throes of craving. The sunshine hitting the plates - beautiful!

Chef E

Beautiful! Wish I was there to learn...


This is killing me! Now, short of hopping on the next flight to Thailand, where can I find such well-executed porky treats here in the Bay Area??

Great photos, as always.

Angie Pham

the pork looks amazingly delicious! im so jealous. =)

Mrs. L

That top photo had me drooling...then I got to this line: "The meat is fatty and the skin impeccably crisped". Don't think I've ever read a more beautiful sentence!


we r off to Thailand in 3 days and now really hope we can find that crispy pork, nice info, u got us drooling on our keyboard!


oh my.....
I wish I could jump threw this screen


Great shots. Agree that pork neck is not famous in most parts, even here in Malaysia. But I've had tasty ones in Hong Kong before, unbelievably tender and smooth, without any fats.


i prefer the pig's cheek-crisp with a layer of fats-wow!

the lacquer spoon

Hmm...irresistible! I can't help but dining out at a Thai restaurant nearby this weekend.


I'm starting to regret the decision not to go to Thailand in April in favor of more travel in China. This looks fantastic.


Hello ! I read this blog quite often...Great images, and I this dish looks fantastic. I will try to prepare it as soon as I will visit a food store in Chinese quarter in Paris!


Tangled Noodle -- it's all about the light and this time of the year it's hard to go wrong in Chiang Mai!

Jencrafted - hopefully someone will jump in with a recommendation.

Mrs. L - thank you! And it tasted as good as that sentence sounds. :-)

woofday - pick up a Nancy Chandler map -- the plant market is clearly marked and so is Muang Samut Road.

J2kfm - never had pork neck before we moved to Bangkok in 2002. I'd have to say it's now one of my favorite parts of the pig.

foodbin - mmm, imagine pig cheek on the BBQ.

Jess - I don't think you'll suffer in China. And if you're in Yunnan you can get something very close to N Thai food, I'd imagine.

magdalena - thanks for commenting, and reading!


I love this site.This is my first visit to your blog and I find it fabulous.


Hi Valentina - Welcome! We're glad you found us. Thanks for reading.


This looks delicious but I think I'd prefer more carbs! Some of these all meat meals make me dizzy after a while.

I've never had success in cooking juicy pork with a crisp skin--or much success cooking pork, period. If you work out a recipe, let me know.

I'm in Melaka now and going down the list of EatingAsia recommendations.


Hi Lina, we had sticky rice so carbs were not lacking. And the green papaya salad and herb basket (with cabbage and long beans) added freshness. So it was quite a balanced meal (the plates were small, too -- just right split between 4 pple).
I've done quite well cooking very thick-cut pork chops with a quick sear on both sides in a hot pan and then finishing in the oven.
It's been a couple yrs now since we were in Melaka. Hope our recommendations still hold water. Happy eating!


Mmm...sounds perfect. I do find that when I eat street food every day I sometimes don't eat as many vegetables as my mother would wish for me!

I can't wait to get home one of these days and start trying to cook all of this.

And Melaka was a great recommendation! I started today with chicken rice balls and am going for an early morning laksa tomorrow. After that it's off to KL--I'm not sure how to pick between everything you have posted. Do you have a top 10? I think I will be there for 4-5 days.


I always got a thing with foods found beside the streets. Although I'm skeptical whether they are completely safe, I still can't help but try them out. There's always an excitement every time I see these kinds of foods. I just love to eat them and satisfy my taste buds.


mmm this looks heavenly!


Sorry, I just found your top 10. Der.

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