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michael aka foodcrazee

lovely post. . . .again, wish I have ur job


lili - pikeletandpie

I'm not sure if it is a different operation, but a nem kao vendor sets up in the night food market just around the corner. She is there in the afternoons and early evenings serving up an enviable nem kao. I like mine with a hard boiled egg, and can guarantee that it is a dish that gets the stomach going after hiding out from the sun for the better part of a day, just as it would 'pon just waking up.
I never saw your coffee lady, but agree that Lao coffee is where its at!


great traditional way to brew coffee.

Street Foodie

The street food I remember most from Luang Prabang is the Papaya Salad. Really spicy and really pungent - almost to the point where I couldn't eat it. Made me realise how far from home I was (in a good way!)


I'm totally longing to visit Thailand again...I can almost smell the food.


Thank you for bringing to the forefront of authentic, sublime Lao cuisine to a larger audience. My incredible recent jaunt to Luang Prabang, or Louangphrabang, will forever be a long lasting spectacular and special impression on my mind. My sweetheart loves it when I cook Lao, Viet or Thai when he gets home from a long days work-and so do I!


Thank you for the great nem kao tip. She wasn't quite ready for the 6:30 crowd but she does make a mean roll. I could not find the coffee lady either over multiple days, I think she may be gone.

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