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Thanks Robin, we often generalize and over-simplify in order to communicate about a cultures food. I.E. "Miang Khum is... with.... "but here you have once again illustrated how food is not a strict set of codes! Here is a video of a Vietnamese street bite...enjoy http://southeastasianflavors.com/vietnamese_recipes.shtml

Nate @ House of Annie

I only became familiar with mieng kham at a Thai restaurant in KL - I don't recall them serving this in the Thai Hawaii or California we visited.

So mieng / miang is more of a style of preparation rather than a set recipe. That's fine. The miang Lao looks awesome!

I hope we can travel to Thailand someday and sample these ourselves.

David Gilbert

I just returned home to Italy yesterday. I ate miang from her every afternoon on my way to Utopia(one of the greatest bars in SE Asia). The food in LP was uniformly good except for the much hyped 3 Nagas which was supposed to be wonderful - but wasn't. Tam Nak Lao was fab, although it can get frantic with large parties. The first b-b-q stand on the left (across from the head of the night market was fantastic. The line of Lao people eating her food attests to that. I'm addicted to your blog. Bravo!

Joshua Armstrong

I remember these well from my time in Luang Prabang, that's for bringing back the memories.

Medical Advice

Your right Joshua, I remember that one too and I really think it is amazing!


Divine Robin! Not so sure about her fingernails though!

wine cellar

Amazing photos and such delicious looking ingredients too! I love spring rolls! Cheers~

Eurasian Sensation

That's an interesting use of eggplant (grilled and mashed). Something that is very common in the Middle East and its sphere of culinary influence (from Greece to India), but not something you tend to see in East Asian cuisine.

Food Menu

Thanks for sharing a great Lao food. Papayas salad looks something like a cross between Vietanamse and Thai food.

Luray va accommodations

Thai Foods are so delicious and tempting and are of different styles and varieties. The Miang Can is a delicious and spicy Thai item made from peanuts, lime and ginger, sweet chili sauce all wrapped in wild pepper leaves and give an amazing taste.

ricardo neuman

Here in Koh Samui miang cam (this is the way I hear it and what my wife says is the transliteration she would use) is pepper leaves around your choice of the following items: ginger chunks, prik ki neuw (chili) slices, toasted coconut shreds, toasted peanuts, shallot pieces, lime chunks with the skin included (or bling bing - a very sour fruit that grows directly on the trunks of a small tree - looks like a small and somewhat translucent cucumber) with a very sweet syrup with a little bit of gapi (fermented shrimp paste)in the syrup. Sold in a bag with all the seperate ingredients in their own smaller bags. An incredible collection of flavor bursts! This is one of my favorite things to show/share with visitors.

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