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Katy Biggs

Like green better than yellow (reminds me of Homer Simpson), like to look right for info than both sides (perhaps I am Chinese and right handed), EatingAs ia a little big (but glad that I've got good eyesights)

Having say all these, Hey, it's your blog, if you are happy, that's all it matters! :-)


You deserve it! Wonderful authentic picts... Already voted for you guys!

Tokyo Terrace

Wow! Congrats on the nomination! I'm so happy that you have been nominated- you definitely deserve it. Good luck!



ask a doctor

Great job.. Congratulations!!! How can we help your blog for you to win it?

Rasa Malaysia

Congrats on the nomination, well deserved and am very happy and proud of you.

Congrats on the updated design, too. Just one suggestion, a complete redesign of the masthead (with different graphic or even a new logo) will give it a completely different look, if you like. Just my sincere opinion.


great news, your blog certainly is deserving.

Diane Levinson

Well deserved! You have the best food blog!


Hi Robyn & Dave
A well-deserved nomination. Hope your blog will be the eventual winner. Like your masthead as it is. Very authentic, very asian.
Good luck


I saw that on Saveur. Very happy to hear that!! You deserve it.


Thanks everyone for the congrats.

Rasa, we're working on that. But as you can see from MK's post some want the old masthead! Can't please everyone, I guess.

Diane-- thanks much for the compliment, and for reading.


Dear Robyn and Dave,
felt compelled to drop a note. Your blog is wonderful. I don't know much abt design and all that but your posts make even someone like me, born and bred in SE Asia, sit up and notice. Good, knowledgeable writing and such evocative photos. For me, the best part is how you manage to capture ambiance so well - i can smell the food, i can hear the sounds,i can feel the place. I like to think it stems from your sympathy for the region. You do it proud. Thanks for all the posts and keep up the good work!


Hi W - What a great way to start the day, with your comment! Great to know we are 'getting it right'. Thanks so much for that, and for reading.


I just voted for your blog in both categories - hope you win!!!


Thanks Pete, for your votes. We really appreciate it!


Huge congrats on your nominations, Robyn! Have voted for you in both categories. Glad to see someone from David's class still writing and doing so damn well ;-)

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