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I never tire of Lao kao soi, even after eating it all the way across northern Laos. It doesn't get nearly as much attention in northern Thailand, but it is common there in rural areas (particularly in hilltribe villages). It's also found in Shan State, with the same name, which we were told was a general term used to describe "sweet" noodle soup thanks to the tomato. Fermented soybean, tomato and pork also are key to many Naga dishes in northeastern India. I see something of a geographical arc linking these flavors and ingredients. Makes sense, as many of these cultures have deep, intertwining roots as well.


great article and pictures! I'll be there in LP this spring and after reading this, Mrs. Sum's stall will be one of the first places I visit.


this is a great article. if features more about the product that i am looking for. hopefullly you can post more articles which tackles or discuss this topic.


Great post and photos as always, thank you.

I have been thinking about this for a while; rice noodle in broth is probably one of the most ubiquitous quick meal at anytime in indochina for the hard working folks, not only the delicious variations are endless, but the fact that it is satisfying yet easy to digest may have something to do with their popularity? Especially for people who perform physically demanding tasks for a living (and can't afford the sluggishness after a relatively heavier meal)?

does that make any sense?


Wow. I love that image of you two riding your bikes through the morning chill. And the noodle photos are killing me. More than anything else about living in Asia, I miss the noodles. I remember sitting down at a market stall in Houhot, Inner Mongolia, to the best bowl of buckwheat noodles I've ever eaten, with Shanxi vinegar and shredded carrots, cucumber, and cilantro.


May I have kao soi lao recipe from you

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