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What a shame, and I understand completely. I had the same thing happen a few months ago. I hate having to hold back comments, but I hate event more to spend the morning deleting spam about designer shoes.

It is too bad that a nasty few make things more difficult and less fun for the rest of us.

Account Deleted

I do wish you hadn't written that two Chinese restaurants were within spitting distance of each other.
Great stuff - keep it up.


Nice food hunting in Chongjing. Lots of interesting dishes to discover.


Those places look great. We spend a week in Chongqing in 2004 when we adopted our daughter in Dianjiang, but we missed out on the street food. Now I want to go back, even though Chongqing has a Bladerunneresque quality...


Mike -- exactly. This morning I had only comment from 'viagra online' as opposed to the usual 25 or so. It appears moderating comments is a necessary evil.

Richard -- LOL! Touche.

Lionel - Apt description of Chongqing, hadn't thought of it that way. Esp now that a good part of the city has fallen to the wrecking ball (we hope to have more on that in a future post).


wow, beautiful post!! you've made what seems like a rather unattractive city utterly fascinating... question: do you have more info on your food tours? i read at the blog, but didn't see anything. but my attention span seems to be challenged lately.. keep eating, keep writing, keep posting- i love it!


Thanks Dena. Great thing about food - it means you can almost always find something to love in a physically unattractive place.

We are 'soft-launching' the tours -- which translates to "I haven't had time to pull a proper post on them together yet." :-)

But any rate, they will be ad hoc and 'bespoke' -- meaning we'll design a day or a few hours or whatever according to what the touree is looking for, and they'll be done on request (for a minimum of two people and maximum of 5 or 6, preferably pple who know each other for larger groups), depending on whether our schedule jibes with the traveler's (we're gone about half the year). Right now, KL Penang and Chiang Mai. Later ... we'll see. Thanks for inquiring. Now , I really should write up an announcement.

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