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The sign says 'sabok' in big letters and 'mamuen' in parentheses.

I don't think I've seen nor heard of them either.


Aussie Tourist

I am not sure I got the story right.Did you mean the nuts that you eating have been through the cow's intestine firstly? You then roast it to eat? Similar to Kopi Luwak?


Haha.. hope so. That will be another odd story I can tell the kids.

Aussie Tourist


Thanks Austin. A link above gives many names. Wan says 'cha bok' - Isan pronunciation, I suppose.

Aussie Tourist - the 'nuts' are actually seeds encased in the pit of a fruit. The cows eat the fruit, poop it out --- the fruit is peeled away, then the pit cracked open and the seeds extracted.
Not like kopi luwak in that seeds from a fruit harvested from cow poop are no more prized than seeds from a fruit that never saw the mouth of a cow.
Just a bit of trivia.


Im going to try some of the dishes and places you had wrote about in your blog these days when I go back to Malaysia.

Regards from a Swedish women who now living in Philippines.


Regards Katta

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