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For whatever this is worth to you, I auto-post blog updates to my Facebook fan page using Networked Blogs. Much to my surprise, that Facebook page has become my blog's 3rd largest source of traffic. You might want to do something similar?

Pungjai Jung


I am Thai living in the USA. I have been following your blog for a long time but have never commented. How can I connect with you in the FB? I have an account but not very wise in other things.


Thanks Spike -- we will do that. When I tweet blog posts that is also a big source of traffic for us. Just catching up with this stuff, sad to say.

Pungjai - go to your facebook account and type EatingAsia in the search box. That will lead you to our page, where you can comment.

Even easier -- hover your cursor over 'Facebook page' in the first sentence of this post and click -- it will take you straight to our page.
Thanks for reading!


Will try to link to my page from your site which looks great!

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