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Steve Jackson

No soup for you!

Marts Aziz

Ha ha ha I'm busy enough already!

What an honest man.

Katy Biggs

Dave - Do you ask when you take photos? Taipei alley niu rou mian guy said you 'didn't bother to ask'! But he was too busy to be bothered by the two Laowai! :-)

Mind you, I probably wouldn't ask in case I've been told 'NO!'


Katy - I do ask. I tried to get Mr. Hu Tieu's attention but he didn't seem to want to engage. I figured if it was a real problem then he would let me know.

The niu rou mian guys more or less asked me to take their pics. Real proud of their product and natural 'hams' in front of the camera.


Steve - I believe that was the implication. I think we're banned.
Marts - true. Can't fault him for hedging the truth. :-)

Katy Biggs

Dave –Yes I did sense that the noodle guy secretively enjoyed you and Robyn’s fussing over him and his noodle – despite saying he was too busy to mind your presence, he remembered a lot of things about you both and said ‘you looked you were doing it for real ’. He is also proud of the store because it’s a family business - the two skinny ones brothers, I think cousins to himself. The woman on scooter delivering the afternoon round hand-made noodles probably his wife – by the way he shouted at her.

He asked what brought me to him and his Q noodle – despite that none of us live in Taipei and don’t know each other. He was fascinated by this ‘cyber’ connection and I am sure he will be delighted to see you and Robyn again :-)



I wonder what he meant by many?

What's the etiquette anyway when taking photos of a restaurant and its food?


I love this attitude (Basil Fawlty-esque) to custom....really gives you something to write about other than the food. You really need to make it to Hanoi one of these days for more of this 'tude...they are well schooled in it up here!


Any hint of a Hanoi accent for la famille crab?? :o

Doubt it, Hu tieu is a southern dish. But just wondered...

Don't think I've ever seen hu tieu ca before - only with pork, prawns and offal (from memory)

Nice score.


Ha ha ha ha !
Some dishes look so familiar. Are you sure that you are in Saigon ?


beancounter - I would say that if you're not bothering other customers and getting in the way of service, photos are fine. Ask before you snap a person though. But we would never photograph at a fine dining establishment, in fact rarely in regular restaurants. Street food only, mostly.

Sticky - you are not making Hanoi sound appealing. On visits there it's felt to me quite a bit like Shanghai/China ex Sichuan, vis a vis people. That's not a compliment. But I'd be curious to make a return visit now that we're not living in Saigon. Maybe this year....

Graham - ha. What makes you think I would know a Hanoi accent from the proverbial hole in the ground. Studied Viet for 6 mos and can't say a damn thing. The language defeated me.


Did you taste a hint of pate in the bo kho? A Vietnamese friend taught me how to cook bo kho from scratch....and her secret ingredient is pate. Strange, huh?

Robert Danhi

Just made Bo Kho last night at Taylors college...people loved it. Such a great dish, especially when there is a thin crusted baguette to oak up the gravy, piles of basil and some limes for an acidic punch. Annatto gives it a rich red color!


be brave Dave & Robyn!!!, it's about the food not the people :) can't wait for more pictures, and they are worth it, not every picture is a free one right?

Matt B

I'm pretty sure those meat pies are called pate chaud, if you were wondering. I was surprised by the filling the first time I had it as well.

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