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Pepy @Indonesia Eats

No, I didn't know that water buffalo was originated from Asia. Good to know. I always wondered what Pampanga means. I saw a Filipino cater's name Pampanga in town. Thanks for great info.


Awesome writeup Robyn. These folks are true artisans. The way they make the egg yolk crepes is ridiculously amazing and ingenious. I've been wondering for ages how they make it, and have tried in vain doing so in an oven. Goodness I should've realized sooner that there were no ovens in Spanish times, and that these types of native delicacies are made with the simplest of tools but with techniques a pro chef would consider genius. Silly me. Oftentimes, the old way is the best way.

Mark @ Cafe Campana

What are the milk treats? They look very cool but I can't imagine the flavour.


very cool article. :) Thank you


I'm a huge fan of water buffalo milk and sweets made from it- but I've never had plantanillas. I will, however, soon drive over to Carreon's sometime soon and try them- and probably everything else they have.

If you haven't tried them yet, next time you're in the Philippines, try flan, ice cream, and milkshakes made with water buffalo milk. All good stuff.

Much as I love all of this stuff, though, my favorite way to enjoy water buffalo milk is to drink it plain, if possible not homogenized, and ice cold. Try it!


I have to admit I only learned very recently that true mozzarella was made with buffalo milk... that still surprises me a little. After having made such a strong mental connection between water buffalos and Asia, picturing them in Italy still kind of throws me. -X


Did you try the danke when you were in Tana Toraja?

They make buffalo "mozzarella" but they deep fry it like tofu and serve it with sambal. They curdle the milk with young papaya in coconut shells.


John, we heard about it but didn't get to try it, unfortunately. In west Sumatra they make yogurt out of buffalo milk.

Xander - it is weird, isn't it? No one has come up with the definitive explanation of how water buffalo got to Italy in the first place.

Sunny - would love to try that the next time we're in the Phils!

Mark - hit the link for the story, which is posted at Zester Daily.

Beth - well, they had dutch ovens back then, the sort used to make bibingka, right? But these crepes are too delicate to be oven-baked anyway. It is quite astounding, isn't it? How does one 'invent' a technique like this?

Oregano Essential Oil blogger

I didn't know water buffalo milk was edible much less that you can make confectionery from it. The things you learn every day. God love the internet :-)

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