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There's something especially bracing about having your morning meal perched on a stool only a few inches off the ground. I'm not usually an eggs in morning sort of person, but with a side of pate I could do it. Sounds lovely.

And happy belated birthday!


Oh this looks to die for ! Must get back to Saigon again.

Robyn, have you been to the Seafood Shop Quan 94 at 84 Dinh Tien Hoang Street District 1, HCMC. I had the best ever crab meat fried rice there. I will go back to Saigon just for that !


Oh my goodness - that looks beautiful.

Definitely a cut above your average fry-up!


Oh wow, this looks divine! Those fresh crusty baguettes remind me of when I went to Vietnam as a 16 year old for a study tour. It was my first time overseas and being from a small Australian town, it was my first real exposure to Asian food besides dodgy Westernized Chinese dishes.

When I moved to Sydney for university just a few years later, there was a $2 Vietnamese roll shop just around the corner... those rolls and packets of IndoMie got me through my degree :)

the lacquer spoon

Vietnamese baguettes and breads were very impressive during my stay in Ho Chi Minh. The soft and wheaty aroma is just unforgettable. Hmm, must be back there!

Mark @ Cafe Campana

Great looking food. I love the concept of street dining like this.


wow, im not a breakfast person but the pictures make me want to get up early and have one just like that.

Deng Huang



Wow, this is a dream banh mi! And very generous portion too! The sign is funny, though, I like how they say "sốt sít" for sausage!


Died and gone to heaven?! Haha ... sweet.
I love Banh Mi, paired with the fresh soy milk that they usually serve them with.

Cheng Sun Do

I grew up in Saigon. Your pictures bring me back to when I was a kid. Great Pictures.


Amazing photos!!!! I drooled on my keyboard. Really. I can just smell the op-la and hear the sizzles. AAAAHHH!!! Ur killing me!!!! I'm gonna have to make it at home tonight for supper :O


That egg and pork sausage looks incredible.

I was in Hanoi a few years back and, although I'm not a huge fan of Vietnam (much prefer Thailand), their take on western food was amazing. And cheap too!

Those photos, btw, look like they're just popping off the page. Think I'll be cooking sausages and egg for dinner tonight, LOL.


Wonderful photos. I live in Saigon and I think you really captured the street food experience well.


Oh my god I'm dying to go back to Vietnam. Your op la brings me back to that amazing stall I went to last year in Hoi An. You're right...the only thing that would have made it better was some of that paté and bread.


I was wondering if the name 'op la' come from french 'aux plats', meaning 'on plate'. 'Des oeufs aux plats' is a very common expression, and it is basically the same thing as 'op la' (sunny side up eggs)... I may be wrong...

Thanh Nguyen

You make me miss my country so much. i miss Op La La, Hu Tieu, Pho, Pho Sate (i think you should try it), Hu Tieu Nam Vang (Ty Lum is the best, district 5), Com Tam, Xoi man ( the best is Bui Thi Xuan stress), bun nuoc leo Soc Trang (tran cao van Stress),.... they are so delicious.
Thank you for your report about my country's food.


Melville - interesting. Could well be! Thank you for your comment.

Thanh, you're welcome. If you think we are getting it right when it comes to Vietnamese food that makes us feel great.

Fatty Liver Diet Plan

Op la sounds devine. Friend eggs and sausage. What a great way to start the morning. Now, if only my fatty liver would agree. If I have a bite, no one's going to say anything, right? ;)


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