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Marts Aziz

Wow! This is extremely interesting. Really. Thank you.


that looks like a tasty bowl of noodle right there, just curious, what's the texture of these noodle like? Was it softer than typical rich noodle?


I meant to say rice noodle.

Angie Pham

One of my favorite Vietnamese dishes!


wow~ unique in taste..
looking forward to this place to eat on my next travel~


Wow, this is a stunning piece. What a wonderful description of a wonderful place. The care, the cleanliness, the courtesy...out of this world. The pictures are terrific too. I wish all street vending stalls were this good, at all levels, taste, experience, everything! Thank you for sharing this gem.


oh my gosh i've had banh canh cua before when i went to vietnam...years ago. that metal spoon brings back so much memories =]


Good read. Usually outlets like this would be swarming with flies, strewn with debris (claws, shells and all) and let's not go to the personal hygiene aspect!

But you can literally eat off their HANDS?
Now that's GOOD STREET FOOD for ya!

thien hai

i love the quote" anti- Saigon" . . .


Wow the colours of this dish are amazing, and it sounds like such a unique little street food stall... especially with all the references to cleanliness lol. Love this post.


Just tasted my first banh canh this weekend in London and it looks nothing like the one in your pictures. They use the thick rice vermicelli here and the soup was the same as the one they used for the pho. That is wrong isn't it?


Definitely wrong. Asian food in foreign countries would never taste the same as in its origin. I am a Vietnamese myself and I can't bear the Vietnamese food they make here in the USA. It's not only the lack of materials, spicies and other stuff but also the food was mostly frozen, the taste would never be the same.
I came back to Saigon last summer, and after 3 years, the taste of a street shop was so AMAZING that I wished I could taste every single thing I missed for 3 years long.
Note to ppl who intend to visit Vietnam: Don't try those luxury looking restaurant food but those street food or those with the sign "Binh Dan"... The simplest, the tastiest !

man van

i went to restaurant this weekend to taste this food and i loved

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