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maya dabbagh

I loved what you wrote about Turkey .I am french and was born to expat parents working in Ankara in the early seventies. As an expat myself now living in New York, when we take holidays with my family, we go back to France for a couple of days and then head straight to Turkey for real holidays! It still feels like going home to me : wherever we go we always feel welcome, from Istanbul, Ankara, from little gem towns such as Kalkan and Kas, to Kayseri (where they indeed have the best pastirma but boy does your sweat and urine stink for a week after eating that beauty!!!), to Adana (for the best spycy kebabs) to Sivas (best kiymali pide) and the out of this world capadoccia and its Mars-like landscape. And I miss stuffing myself on a fried mussel sandwich with garlic sauce from the streets of Istanbul! Have a wonderful trip!

Lonnie Ami

Have a good trip in Turkey. I can't wait for you to blog about your adventures.

Trish Anderton

Have a blast and eat some bourek for me!


Look forward to your posts on Istanbul!

My wife and I just got back after 9 days in Istanbul. We love this city -- one of the greatest cities in the world. Wonderful food as well. Being a fan of seafood I had delicious kalkan, levrek, cipura, octopus etc., almost everyday. The lamb was good too but then I am not a fan of lamb...

Turks are such warm and hospitable people even in a large city like Istanbul.

Kalkan Villas

For sure, you have a lot of things and places to see and visit in Turkey! I am glad you had the chance to visit this magnificent country!

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