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Marts Aziz

Nice. I really don't mind to re-read all your posts. It's like reading my fav book again and again.


I'm originally from Penang and a huge fan of Eating Asia. You have certainly brought our Pearl of the Orient to the world's culinary forefront like no other sites have ever done - raw, real and unique. Thank You! I look forward to tuning in on the interview.
Syabas! Keep up the excellent work!!


Whoa, I can't wait to hear you on Splendid Table! Coincidentally, I actually just started listening to the podcast of it earlier this week, and have really enjoyed it the few episodes I've heard. And thanks for the recap of your travels and writing-- it can be useful to look back and see what I've missed, even as one of your regular readers. Looking forward to hearing about Turkey! X



Looking forward to your posts about Turkey as I will be heading there in the fall!


Congratulations Robin and Dave! I listen to The Splendid Table podcast every week, and I am definitely looking forward to hearing you on the show. Better check if it's already available on itunes!


You were on a slow train, weren't you? Taipei - Hsinchu is just little over half an hour, 34 min to be precise. :-P

Toby Bloomberg

Loved your interview and especially your "tour." Looking forward to exploring Eating Asia.

Ellen Britt, PA, Ed.D.

Hi Robin...I so enjoyed listening to you today on NPR's Splendid Table and having the opportunity to be introduced to you and your wonderful blog.

I just got here and I'm a fan already!


I'm headed to Turkey in 3 weeks myself and have been trying to research as much about the food, and street food in particular, as possible. Do you have your sights set on anything now, before you go? Would love a heads up since I won't be able to benefit from the posts after the fact. Thanks and love your blog!


Hi Robyn. What a year. When are you coming up with a book ? I will be your first customer ! BTW, have you been to Sarawak ? We have lots of food treasures here as well. I'll be glad to show you around.

Mark @ Cafe Campana

Mmmm street food. I want to try the delicacies from the street side Pho dealer. I wonder how it compares with the offerings in Australia.


Marts - very nice of you to say. Thanks!

Jen- 'raw, real, and unique'. We couldn't hope for higher praise, esp from a Penang native. Thanks!

Xander - it's a great show (and I thought so long before they invited me on). It was fascinating to look back through our archives. So much of the last year I'd forgotten. And to think there's still so much that we never got around to posting...

MAJL - this is a trip that's been planned for quite a while. We've been before -- you'll love it. The food, the people, the landscapes. Fantastic country!

Thanks Mila!

Katy - actually yes, we were on the slow train. Cheaper. ;-)

Toby, Ellen - thanks much and welcome to EatingAsia! Hope we can keep you entertained in the coming months.

Sean - This will be our 4th trip (albeit the first in 10 yrs), and we generally just go and eat on the fly. But you must go to Ciya (my interview with the chef who is a very interesting guy is under 'November' above) in Istanbul; I suspect we will be eating many meals there. Check Saveur's website to see if an article by Anya Von Bremzen (sp?) on eating in Istanbul is available online. She mentions a resto/cafeteria type place in Uskudar that we loved when we were last there. And look for a book called 'Eat Right In Turkey', which lists and describes regional specialties, ingredients, etc. It really helped us alot on our first trip. You do like lamb, I hope?

Borneoboy - several book ideas but we'll probably wait till the economy picks up. And we would love to take you up on your offer. Don't know when we'll have time to get back to Sarawak but we will certainly contact you when we do. Loved Kuching.

Mark - I think it's safe to say that any Viet food in Vietnam will be better than Viet in Australia (or the US, etc).

Lisa in Toronto

I look forward to your posts from Turkey!
Lots of good options there.


That's why I love Asia because of their "street foods", very fun to eat in the streets with your friends/family/love ones.

If you're in Asia just try their "street foods", trust me! VERY DELICIOUS!


Hi Robin, its so pleasure to have a meal in the splendid table. I am so impressed with your articles.

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