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Turkey's For Life

Fantastic isn't it! We very rarely ate cucumbers before we moved to Turkey. They are just so much more crunchy here compared to England. AND much, much cheaper.

It's a great sight to see the kids chomping on them here.

Ahmet C. Toker

it surely was 50 turkish kurus :). 50 lira is like 30 dolars.

another use of cucumbers in turkey from my childhood days. cut a fresh one into two, and rub it around your neck. it sure does smell like one of your dad's perfumes. i am not kidding.

the lacquer spoon

Cucurbitaceous vegs are consumed a lot during summer, but looks really interesting to munch on fresh cucumbers on the street. Natural water bottle like coconuts :)

Karen Coates

This makes me think of a hot, bumpy bus ride we took en route to Phongsali, in northern Laos. In the middle of nowhere, in a pretty green valley, was a long row of highway vendors selling giant, juicy cucumbers. The driver stopped and everyone jumped out to buy a bag of cukes. By the time we took off again, the bus had filled with the sucking, smacking sounds of so many people eating whole cucumbers, one at a time.


without the showy peeling demo, cucumbers are enjoyed simply in Hanoi, too. A street-side tea stand always has cucumbers available, which can be quartered lengthways, put on a plate and served with chili salt.


TFL - Same here, in the US, but bec cukes often don't have much flavor there. These are fantastic, and actually I don't mind leaving the skin.

Ahmet - Context! I converted to 32 cents so obviously I didn't *mean* 50 lira. But the missing decimal point is now there, so thanks. My dad doesn't wear perfume but that's really interesting, about rubbing cucumber on your neck. Slices of chilled cucumbers placed over the eyes are also supposed to reduce puffiness! All in all a very reviving veggie.

lacquer spoon - and like watermelon. It's very refreshing. And thanks for teaching me a new word today: Cucurbitaceous.

Karen - a scene you would never encounter on a bus in the US. Or anywhere in the US.

Sticky - Oh, I'd love it with chili salt. I'd be having one of those at least once a day if I lived in Hanoi.

Ben H.

I eat cucumbers as snacks here in the states and I often get weird looks as I walk between classes with my green snack. Turkey looks fantastic and I hope I can go someday!

Cookware Hampshire

I too am a fan of the humble cucumber and it's nice to see that in some places it gets the recognition it deserves. Unfortunately the closest I've been to Turkish culture is Northern Cyprus and I have to say I didn't encounter the same 'showy' cucumber stands. Just the usual run of the mill roasted nut carts. It all looks great though and the photos are brilliant. Thanks for sharing!


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