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awww i know what u mean! i was last there in 2007, and i left my heart there. i can't wait to get back to istanbul, and am slowly saving up $$$.


You say that your posting has been light, but even by your extraordinarily high standards, you have excelled yourselves by giving us a powerful taste of Turkey. I thought that David's photographs also reached new heights of creativity.
Thank you both for an enjoyable Turkey trip series.

Marts Aziz

watermelon and bread and cheese? you won't see that in Malaysia. how interesting. Thank you. :-D

Migration Mark

Sounds like a great combination of tastes. I like how they are eating off a newspaper, not afraid to get a little messy while eating!


You must be sure to share your food secrets and finds in Istanbul!

I was in Istanbul in 1991 and only again recently in April. I loved it 20 years ago and I think I am even more enamored this time around. Can't wait to go back.


This is a great summer food. Refreshing and tasty. Reminds me of a photo that I encountered recently: http://foodporndaily.com/pictures/watermelon-grilled-sweet-corn-peppered-bacon-feta-and-basil-salad-with-chile-oil/


shida - you and I both.

Thanks spondoolix -- this is by no means the last Turkey post.

Hi Marts -- watermelon and green Persian melon (something like the honey melons here but much more fragrant and juicy) with white feta-like cheese is a pretty common mezze (kind of an appetizer) in Turkey's summer. The combo works great -- the salt of the cheese plays off the sweetness of the melon.

Mark - this is common ... you'll often see guys at teahouses eating their 'take-out' breakfasts (from somewhere else) on a newspaper.

hockman - food secrets to come ... but in the meantime you'll find plenty on http://istanbuleats.com . Those guys know their stuff!

Thanks for the link, Deniz. I agree -- we couldn't get enough of melon and cheese during our trip.

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