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Oye! Where is Taiwan - Oyster Omelet?! Have you forgotten something.


Katy we weren't the only ones working on the series -- though we did do more than any other writers/photographers! Someone did Taipei beef noodles like 5 yrs ago, I think. There's still lots of Asia to cover but the series may be ending soon.


mmm, world sandwiches! this sounds really nice.


As a Vietnamese who grew up in Vietnam but is currently living in the US, I find the preparation of the pate in US banh mi OK some of the time and VERY disappointing most of the time. The pate as made in Vietnam (or at least in the city of Da Nang where I lived) contains day old bread as a filler(perhaps out of necessity at first) and A LOT of both garlic and crushed black pepper as well as salt and sugar and a hint of Chinese 5-spice powder. This makes for an extremely tasty and fragrant pate. The addition of old bread not only gives the pate a drier and coarse texture as opposed to the wet texture that some people compare to sh#%, it also cuts down on the livery smell that many American customers find unappealing. Some banh mi shops in New York even got rid of the pate altogether and substitute ground pork instead. That, to me, is sacrilegious.

the lacquer spoon

Your post simply reminds me of the culinary impression in my trip to Vietnam of long ago. While the stuffing was good enough, I was more in love with the distinctive wheaty baguette of banh mi on its own! There’re some cafes and eateries to serve banh mi in Tokyo, but without reconstruct the baguette, it seems hard to make decent banh mi.

There is no man but loves banh mi :)


I'm on my way to Viet Nam in a couple of weeks and looking forward to eating my fill of banh mi. Can't wait, these pictures are getting me excited!


Thanks for a great post! I visited Saigon in September and made sure to stop by Hoa Ma Quan for Op La(twice), thanks to your blog. Luckily, it was only two blocks from my hotel! The bread was quite possibly the best I've tasted...slathered with mayo, pate and runny yolk...phenomenal stuff. My post on it is here: http://thefridaylunch.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/breakfast-in-saigon/

Keep up the great work...you are one of my favorite reads.

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