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so beautiful, all these photos.we also have smthg similar to kaymak in Pakistan- we call it malai and in Iran, sar shir- "head/top of milk". the kebab photos are really fantastic. x shayma


Do they grow water buffalo in Turkey?

A different question (maybe)-- where do water buffalo milk mainly come from? Italy, Greece?

turkey's for life

Well, it all just looks amazing. Although I do have to say, the tomatoes here in Fethiye look more red and juicy :) Really though, can't wait to go to Mardin and these posts (read your New York Times post)make us want to go even more!


For some reason that (bloody gorgeous) photo of the 3 izgara kofte reminds me of that moment of lifting the lid on a box of handrolled Cubans. Exotic, sexy, intoxicating... this trumps the cubans though... cos they're edible :-)


Wen - I never associated EatingAsia with food porn, but there is a start!

Egemen Yeter

Hey, We do grow buffalo in Turkey and It is called Manda. 1 kg of Buffalo cream is sold for 40 TL which is around 25 U.S dollar in a market nowadays. It has an amazing taste and goes very nice with honey.

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