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I think on some topics, monochrome creates special effects –the nostalgic feel and without the distraction of the colors, the focus on the objects. Like watching black & white film on the storyline, rather than the entertaining colors. But I got to say, that ghost fish in B&W is ghostly and bit off putting on its own for me, without the company of the colored. B&W is effective, but on its own, I wouldn’t have associated it with food, at least I wouldn’t have thought that’s the concept the photographer trying to convey.

I am the sort of ‘press the button’ camera type of person, but I was wondering when you transferred colored to B&W, was it automatic or with levels of adjustments – especially on indoor shots? The contrast of B&W tone in The market and The barber shop is sharp, has it been enhanced?


Thanks for your comments, Katy. I am mostly a color photographer but at times I like the texture that B&W brings out in an image. For food, since all you have is color and texture to work with (I can't seem to get taste and aroma into a photo yet)then I think (at times) B&W does lend itself to food. Not always, but sometimes.

When converting to B&W I try to get the blacks black and whites white. You need to push both up a bit in post since a simple desaturation leaves the image middle gray. I try not to push it too far to retain a more natural tonal range.


I don’t know how you can get taste and aroma into a photo though (without the aid of descriptions) since it’s not visual and it’s also largely relevant to individual experiences of senses? Do you have an example?

I like the dumplings image in B&W a lot – I like that sheet of dumpling skin in the palm, the texture and the tonal range of the folds give it an almost 3D effect more than the colored can convey, I think. The dumplings sort of pop out.


I believe Penang is also a food heaven besides their UNESCO heritage status. Yes, the B&W photo looks more 'classic'.

Judith Nelson

This is the most exciting part of being a photographer- to have the opportunity to travel around the globe to take beautiful spots.

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