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Definitely my kind of food - looking forward to hearing more ....

Marts Aziz

Tofu is my fav, and they look soo good and tempting in the picture.

Craving for more. Thank you.


you're KILLING me.


They look incredibly hearty and fresh – magic wok!

My English people would just tease "are you sure it's not 'fry' kitchen??" Referring to the standard joke of Chinese pronunciation of 'r' and 'l'. Are we having ‘flied lice’ (fried rice)then Katy, the sort of 'abuse' I put up with all the time here.

Are they just called ‘Fei Can Ting’(飞餐厅) in local term? Also what is the term for ‘Chinese leek shoot’?

Do they actually serve larou with all its fat on in fine restaurants I wonder?


Do they need licence to open up fly kitchen, I wonder. Reminds me of some Ayi I knew at the back of our house in Taipei. There were some problems but last time I went back in April, she is still there after 35 years!!


All the best food comes from small hole in the walls like this. I love the term fly restaurant. Nice.


Wow, your photos are simply incredible, the dishes seem to leap out
wanting to be sampled.


the leeks are so skinny-i think it would taste even better with thicker pungent leeks.


What an incredible looking spread, I've heard s much about Chengdu's food, but your photos really put it in perspective.


Wow, such an inspiration! I wouldn't have had the guts to try there hole-in-the-wall places, but am now planning to. Anthony Bourdain who was in town recently, said in all the years he has been eating-travelling, he has only been sick twice!

Rita Reyes

Those dishes look fantastic. Gorgeous photography.

Thanks for the great blog! I love it.

Gourmet Cookies


If only that was near my home..... If I may, I've been hunting around for a simple but powerfull wok burner for some time to create some wok hay. I'm in Europe and burners are sold here for silly prices if you can get them at all? Could you tell me (sily question) but what do wokburners cost on average in your part of Asia?


my mouth is watering just looking at these dishes!

The Turkish Life

I'm with carpetblogger. Looks amazing... sigh!


Thanks for sharing. The dishes look delicious. On my last trip to Chongqing, China I had the same kind of stir-fried bacon my grandfather made.

Andrew Palmini

Awesome post. I studied in Chengdu for a semester and it was the most delicious few months of my entire life. Of all the cities in China, Chengdu and Chongqing are my favs. Great photos too, the bacon like stuff is called 回锅肉, twice cooked pork. Delicious.

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