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Having a schoolyard where children can learn proper care for plants is actually a good idea. Just make sure they are far from mosquitoes.

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Its actually great to teach kids to get their hands dirty so early on. It's also great to teach them how to work with nature. Most kids nowadays don't know anything about gardening.

Lhou Jingco

I'm so proud to see my Alma Mater on the net! Kudos to all my former teachers at VDES! :))

Lhou Jingco

It's overwhelming to reminisce my elementary years at VDES. I just realized how blessed I am to be a product of the featured school of EatingAsia on its article entitled "Where School Farms Aren't Such a New Idea"... I was really surprised when I came across this web feature!

I owe a lot to the VDES not only for the theories that I have learned, but for the practical values of living that have been inculcated within as well...

To the author, thank you for the post! :))


Wow! I can't believe that I would see my alma mater here..this is sweet!! I'd graduated here at V. de Castro Elementary School back in 1990 and yes we were growing crops back then.It was fun! Great Job Ms. Corazon Yaya and Mr. Edgar Yaya!!

Account Deleted

in my elementary school days we also have our gardening subject wherein we plant vegetables, we've been taught how to prepare plots, grow our seedlings etc.we tender our own plots and what ever is the outcome of our produce it has a corresponding grades.unlike in the vdec elem.school, it is the school heads and teachers who spearhead the activities.i salute the head teacher and teachers of the victoriano de castro elementary school for their initiative and hard work in installing in the young minds of these young farmers that the Philippines is an agricultural country.


Hi can I use some of your photos for our magazine? our magazine is non profit


back reading your Pampanga post and this one made me feel so nostalgic. I grew up in Albay in Bicol Region and studied in a public school during my elem years. And this is one of my best memories of school. We usually get partnered and given a plot to use. Nothing can really beat the pleasure when its harvesting time and I have veggies to bring home.

thank you for writing this..


Luiinpenh - you're welcome and thanks for reading! This was a really special day ... great memories from a wonderful stay in the Philippines.

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