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The term 'breakfast salon' sounds so urban sophisticated but it's so clearly rooted in everything rural and kind of other-worldly (to me, anyway). Sounds like a magical corner of the world.

How do they go with keeping the cheese? Does the briny herb mix help to preserve it? Seemed to be a lot of cheese out in tubs and not much refrigeration in view.

The b/fast combos sound wicked...good wicked...all that dairy, the olives, the honey...sorry I'm drooling!

lara dunston

I've always loved Turkish breakfasts - any Middle Eastern breakfasts really (for me, Turkey will always be more Middle Eastern than European). Miss scooping up labneh and hommous with flat bread, the za'ater croissants we used to eat in Dubai, juicy tomatoes, tangy olives, and the countless kinds of white cheeses. Haven't been to Van, but always wanted to get there.

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