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Marts Aziz

OMG, how I miss Penang and curry mee! I like mine thick, spicy hot with lots of morsels in it.


another hidden gem.


Oh my, that bowl of curry mee looked INCREDIBLE! Don't think I'd ever had chicken curry noodles in Penang before!

Going With My Gut

This post made me smile. A lot. Mint leaves and ginger flowers! Very classy.

But where are the cockles?!


Natalie - Turkish Travel Blog

That looks like scrummy food. I am at the stage now when I long for something different that will kick my tastebuds off again.


The torch ginger flower sounds like an intriguing ingredient. Is it pictured on the spoon in the second photo?


Marts - mee too! Emphasis on the spicy.

This was a first for me too, Pete.

Wen - the mint and ginger flower make it Penang-style. Cockles replaced by gizzard bits is her own thing, I think (plus the chicken wing).

Natalie - perhaps a bit hard to find in Turkey...

Sticky - yes, on top of sambal. It's a very Penang ingredient, intriguingly spicy-and-astringent. Key also to a good bowl of asam (sour) laksa, which is a Penang dish, and kerabu beehoon, a sort of cool noodle dish of rice vermicelli with belacan/shrimp paste and chili!


I don't seem to recall the addition of mint in the curry mee we had back then. It's been way to long; time to visit! Thanks for sharing.


Jenny -- this was our 2nd or 3rd time for mint leaves on curry mee in Penang, but the first for ginger flower. They're both wonderful touches!

Tracy Burns

Sounds delicious! We're definitely finding timing the key to eating out in Penang. A few minutes to late or early and not only do miss out on stalls but if you ask for roti after 11am or chicken rice porridge for dinner you get looked at as if you've asked for the most ridiculous thing on earth. And I've lost count of the number of times we've promised the kids their favourite breakfast only to turn up and realise the place was closed on that particular day.

turkey's for life

Alas, we have only ever had the pleasure of Malaysian cuisine in restaurants in Britain. This looks soooo good - flavours we have got next to zero chance of getting our hands on now that we're here in Turkey. We'll have to get creative to see what we can come up with. :)

J2Kfm (Malaysian Food Blog)

Can see that the curry mee from this stall looks so much like a Nyonya style of creamy, decadent curry mee with rich broth. And no coagulated pig;s blood?

I am not a fan of Penang's curry mee for I felt the clearer broth seems watered-down version of the richer counterpart.
But this one looks delish.


The curry mee of Penang is the best in the world. Can not be beaten


this makes me really miss home!! my mother makes great curry mee, but I am dying to try the Penang version.


I have to chime in and say how amazing that curry mee looks. I'm now going to obsess about it until I can either get myself to Malaysia or find/figure out a recipe for it, whichever comes first. I have a feeling ginger flower might be a bit difficult to find in the States though.

On an unrelated note, I've been reading your blog for some time and want to thank you for inspiring me to recreate some of the things I see here at home - most recently pide from an earlier post. Although for the life of me, I still can't figure out how people cook eggs on pides/pizzas without making a giant mess.


Just return from Penang where I went for holiday. Had Eng's curry mee on Friday morning and my goodness it was excellent! The best I ever have! We wanted to try our luck again on Saturday morning but it was closed. So unfortunate!

We also had coffee at Toon Leong. It was good, though I must admit that I always prefer Australian style coffee (flat white or piccolo latte) to Asian style. However, I find this coffee house one of the best looking kopitam in Penang. Most coffe shops are really too run down. We enjoyed this place a lot.

Thank you very much for all the good advice!


FYi: curry mee stall had shifted to Lebuh Keng Kwee, off Jalan Penang (the same lane as the famous Penang Road cendol). We just went to her new place yesterday noon.


Hey Loh -- thanks for the heads up! Wonder why she moved. Did she say?


I went Eng's new place in November (Thanks Loh for the head's up - your directions are spot on). The location is easier to find now and Eng has a huge sign displayed on the corner of the street referencing her famous curry mee on CNNGO.
Eng has the same stall with added indoor seating now. Robyn, she moved so she could stay open during rainy days.

Teong ONG

This curry mee is interesting. Penang curry mee doesn't normally has chicken unlike that from KL. It is not associated with the Nonyas but the torch ginger links it closer to other laksas. In Singapore they add kesom to their Singapore Laksa.
In my book, Penang Heritage Food", I considered curry me as a laksa.


Hello Teong Ong -- I am not sure I've actually ever had a "Penang" curry mee. Is it similar to KL-style with eggplant and snake beans? Is there one on Penang that you recommend?
To tell the truth I've never understood the laksa/curry mee distinction. What makes a curry laksa a laksa and not a curry mee?
Thanks for your comment!

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