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I love the shot of the noodle maker smoking while he coils the noodles. He kinda looks like Marco Pierre White in that photo from White Heat. Totally badass.


Great Post, one of my fave kind of noodles, I usually ask for extra big intestine...
You should try out yibin ranmian (宜宾燃面)if possible, it's one of the best noodles I have eaten so far


Chubbypanda - I have a sentimental attachment to that photo. My mom sometimes cooked with a cig in her mouth. And yes, she is a total badass. ;-)

vewe -- yeah we were sorry to miss those this last trip. Next time, I hope. Also wanted to try chacha mian and tomato-egg noodles. The latter esp because I wonder if they are anything like a friend from Sichuan taught me to make 25 yrs ago? Described/recipe in this post:



Oh my.... smoking while cooking???


Selba - there are plenty worse things than a stray ash to find in your bowl of streetside feichang fen! ;-)


i want to try this!

your posts always make me want to go to the place and try the food real bad.


Great post! I’m looking to make some changes in my own eating habits and learning to cook, so I appreciate your insight a lot! Thank you.


Great post. Yeah side street gaffs in China are never big on hygiene, but it's where the best food comes from.


deliciousness. x shayma


lol, I love that shot of the intestine floating in broth.


that looks like a tasty bowl, I love intestine.

I wonder if it is just as good without the MSG.

Did you try 大腸麵線 (thin rice noodle with pig intestine, sometimes also with oysters, in a really thick soup), when you were in Taiwan?

Going With My Gut

Robyn, I LOVE sweet potato noodles in Korean japchae. Very intrigued to see it in a soupy Sichuan rendition.

Dave, I don't know how you make a basin of noodles and an empty bowl look so awesome. You break my photography heart regularly.

@Albert I just tried Taiwan style pig intestine & oyster noodle soup on the weekend in London! Loved it, will be going back for more.



I completely agree with your assessment of sweet potato noodles -- they have excellent bite and mouthfeel.

Yue Edwards

Chengdu is my hometown, your post made me homesick!!!! and that sweet potato noodle is one of my favorite, i know where to find the best sweet potato noodle restaurant in the city.

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