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A Lil Fat Monkey

Thanks for pointing the place guys. Heading to Penang in a a few weeks time. Will try to look out for it.

Marts Aziz

Just came back from Penang today, I need to get out before Penang Bridge International Marathon starts tomorrow.

Dave is amazing, I love the 3rd picture!!!

Allen Todd

Suggestion: You could make it easier for people to find some of these great, but obscure, food stalls if you posted their GPS coordinates.


That looks and sound utterly amazing. I've had almost no experience with desserts like this (only really black sticky rice with coconut milk), but I love the idea of the sweet-salty interplay! I desperately need to travel to Asia more :)


I'll be making a quick stop in Penang this winter. This is on my list. Thanks!

wandering educators

oh, YUM.

Going With My Gut

This post made me smile. Sago with gula melaka and ginger soup with sweet potato are desserts lodged deep deep deep in my childhood -- something I haven't thought about in a loooong time. So thanks for sharing.

PS I wonder if anyone in Penang still makes ice balls? They're like ice kachangs / cendol, just packed tight into a ball and you nibble lick it. I haven't had one since I was about 3, but the memory still holds strong!


Tapping Therapy

My mom used to cook this similar dish during rainy seasons here in our country. Instead of using sweet potatoes, my used bananas.


Wen -- are you talking about the egg-shaped ice balls? We have that in Taiwan too, I've got a picture of it taken at an old street on my last trip to Taipei, but can't link it here.

That's another childhood memory - we called the vendor 叭噗冰阿伯/Bar-Boo ice (cream)Uncle. Bar-boo as in the sound of the leather horn. (see the link)

The breakfast vendor (as in my comments of the previous post) used bell - that's the Ring-Ring uncle;
The late night tossed flour tea vendor used steam whistle - that's the Bee-Bee uncle, who I heard but never saw at midnight.
As for the popped rice uncle - you knew when he was there.

If there is an ice store called Perfect Ice in Penang, they probably do ice balls.

Christmas Sweets

I love Asian sweet soups! I especially like those that use coconut milk and I like them hot. Gosh they're perfect as snacks or desserts for me. Absolute comfort food I tell ya. I wanna have some right now especially that it's cold. Sniff.


This place is just next to #165 Victoria Street

penang home rent

penang is host to some really nice foods, thanks for sharing it

J2Kfm (Malaysian Food Blog)

You're really good at finding street foods like this. Amazing. Even I have not heard about such a herbal, sago soup.



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lara dunston

This looks delish! Love Penang and George Town in particular, especially for the food and all its many variations and complexities. It's been many years since we've been to that part of the world. It will be good to get back one of these days. In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy salivating here every now and again!

Quay Po Cooks

I love sweet soups, almost all kinds and will never try to try new ones. Thanks for heads up and will keep this in mind when I have a chance to go Penang. I enjoy all your pictures, lovely!

S Lloyd

This is delicious. I tried it once and your photos help me replaying those great moments. I have since perfected it myself, and it is now a soup that I cook once in a while at home.


Oh my gosh that looks amazing! Great photos. You've just made me want to go to Penang even more than I did before! It didn't work out last time I was there. I won't make that mistake again!


This is very mouth-watering, Thanks for the links, i would love to try these sweet soups.


Love the food, love the place. Planning my next trip to Penang but need to avoid St Ann period.

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