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Im in Penang right now and have been looking for nutmegjuice since I read your previous post about it, but havent been able to fint it. We`re leaving tomorrow so I guess I will have to wait until next time to try it... sad..

And by the way, it`s funny to read your reference to Whrer Flavour was born, beeing a norwegain, Andreas Viestad is one of my favourite cookbookauthors.
One last thing; thank you for sharing info on Restaurant TeikSeng, we had two wonderful meals there!!


I haven't seen this anywhere else (although to be fair, I didn't notice it in Penang, either). Sounds mysterious--looking forward to trying it.

Sasha @ Global Table Adventure

Does this drink have any numbing qualities? I know that putting a pinch of fresh grated nutmeg on the tongue numbs it... so I wonder how this would translate to the drink.

heidi husnak

Looks delightful. I had been thinking about it since the original post and thank you for the further info as well as the heads up on "Where Flavor was Born". Is the juice sweetened?


Hi Robyn, last year I bought some nutmeg jam on Grenada, Caribbean, where there are large nutmeg plantations. But it was just a sweet paste with no nutmeggy flavour. I was quite disappointed, as you may understand :(
I enjoy reading you very much.


Tone - sorry to hear that! It's always available in Balik Pulau at the coffeeshop described in the previous post, if you have time to go over there (that coffee shop also has the island's best siam laksa!). Just a 30-min drive from George Town.
'Where Flavor Was Born' is fantastic, and seems to have completely flown under the radar. I really enjoy his shows, he seems like a very down-to-earth 'celebrity' chef.

Lina - add Balik Pulau to your packed Penang itinerary. ;-)

Sasha - no, no numbing qualities at all, despite the very strong dried spice/nutmeg flavor.

Heidi - one version of the juice is sweetened, made from a syrup boiled down from the 'white' juice you see in the photo above. This one is tart and refreshing. Also, get that book. It's a great read and fun to cook from.

Hi MarinaV - Thanks, I wish I could read yours! That's too bad about the jam, bec. I bet when properly prepared the fruit would make a lovely preserve. Might just buy some fruit when I'm next in Penang and give it a try at home.


there's one particular place you could find nutmeg juice in Selangor too


There's a South Sulawesi restaurant in Tebet in Jakarta called Daeng Tata that serves nutmeg juice. They put the mace in it too.


and it helps to get rids of wind in the tummy, too.


Not saying I am right, but one of the reasons why I sort of relate this drink to Hakka is the use of 冰糖/rock candy (?)(http://zh.wikipedia.org/zh/%E5%86%B0%E7%B3%96) at the first 'developing' stage of this drink. 冰糖 is a Chinese invention. John mentioned the mace in the drink. That sounds like the basic version of making this drink in the 80s - boiling the 'nut' with 冰糖 by Penang locals, before the emerge of the peel and squeeze white juice you described here in the later 80s maybe or even 90s.
I won't be too surprised if say someone in the Caribbean report a nutmeg drink boiled version. There are a sizable Hakka populations in that region as well.
All assumptions of course...


first time to hear about nutmeg juice. .pretty exciting! Although I have never tasted either one, I'd love to try making them.


I was introduced to nutmeg juice as a welcome drink in the Holiday Inn Batu Ferringhi on Penang. I also had it at a batik workshop that we went to when touring the island. It was fantastic stuff and it would be great if it were available elsewhere.


I just had fresh nutmeg juice at the Liberty Claypot Fish Head Curry restaurant at Beach and Chulia Streets. Spouse had an excellent fresh mango juice, also served with a salted plum, but I preferred the nutmeg. Absolutely the perfect refreshment after a hot walk around Georgetown!

R Hudson

We were in Penang this weekend and had nutmeg juice at several cafes or coffee shops in the Georgetown area. There is a little shop near the corner of Cannon and Armenian street that serves it as well as ice kachang, a local dessert. I hear the Edelweiss has it too.

N West

You can also drink Nutmeg Juice at on the bar balcony after a tour of the Cheong Fatt Tze (Blue) Mansion. They chill the glass and dip it in powered nutmeg, which adds something extra. The best nutmeg juice at had during our last visit this June.

Most first time visitors to Georgetown will have the Blue Mansion of the 'Rockefeller of the East' on their itinerary already.

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