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In my recent trip to Chiang Mai I did see a lot of foreigners eat at street side stalls. I too go for the local flavour when I can. I guess there are a section of intrepid travelers these days.

The yardstick I use is whether a place is buzzing with people or not. Ideally, I admit, with locals. I would be worried if the majority are foreigners.

Loved the photos

Lisa in Toronto

Wow those photos make me hungry. I often think of Chengdu food.
Thanks for reminding us to consider the photographs in an article more closely.


That photo in the NY Times:

seems to be processed somehow, curious to know how since a regular photo would have a many more colours in it.


Bobster - That was pretty much straight out of the camera. The restaurant was fairly mono-chromatic and there were several different light sources which tend to create a 'different' effect on the final image.


Dave - then its another great photo. I know that others may use Photoshop's Highlight & Shadow tool to boost hidden detail. Thx.


i saw the nytimes pce before i read your blog and they have a lot missing pictures, the good pictures that on dave's blog. is it their choice not to have closed up picture of chengdu's food? seeing dave's pictures, i want to recreate all the food at home.


eastingfeasting - There are a couple of close in food shots in the online slideshow. I just try to give them as many options as possible and let them choose how they see the story best illustrated. I'll always have my favorites but that doesn't mean that those photos best tell the story to someone who wasn't there.

Going With My Gut

Really got into raw garlic in various forms during the big backpacking trip. The water cooked beef dish sounds like hot stinky heaven!


A box of kitchen

Oh my..I`m drooling over the dry chili floating on the soup! The chili is so big! I wonder how many bowls of rice I need if I have that kind of spicy soup. YUM!

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