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Hi Robyn. You came to Kuching and didn't contact me ? Would have taken you to some great hawker food !

Understand you were on busy schedule. Let me know when you visit next time and I'll gladly show you around Kuching's culinary trail.


Yeah, I know. But we only had 2 days, and Dave was literally chasing shots dawn to bedtime. But it's reminded us how great Kuching is. We'll be back, with some time to spare, and we'll be in contact. :-)


Looks delicious. I love a good sloppy joe. You think this could be attempted at home? The buns might be a challenge.

I didn't go to Kuching when I was in the area. How high on the list of places I still haven't been to should I put it?


The bun might be a prob, yes.
I would place Kuching high, but it is sleepy. The rest of Sarawak even higher though. Sarawakians must be the friendliest, laid-back people in SE Asia. Even more so than Penang. I'm dying to go back.


Looks delicious with good meat to bun ratio. And deep fried bun for extra oomph:) Excellent picture.


Hi Lina. Kuching is a pretty laid back place and "some people" are still friendly, unfortunately not all as we are slowly catching the "Big City Disease". There are lots of things to do especially if you love nature. The town itself will keep you occupied for a couple of days. And for a foodie - lots of great local hawker food to try out. We are famous for our laksa, kolo me, tomato kuih tiaw, etc. A visit is definitely worth your while.

Going With My Gut

Hot damn! My grandma's Foochow. I need to show this to my Mum to show to her...



Looks really good, bet they tasted good as well.

Will be trying this at home but with other buns....


This is actually foochow's "gongpia". These originated out of necessity in the old days when soldiers going into battle would hang these plain,disc like buns around their necks, and these would be their meals for days. Nowadays, it has gotten fancier with braised meat fillings, crackling pork skin, etc. They are like mini bagels, just crispier on the outside. I have to get these everytime I'm back in sarawak.


Ding - thanks for that info. And yes, they are very bagel-like.
Mzungu -- you might try larger versions with a deep-fried bagel. The bread's texture is important. I would wager than the meat is cooked with palm sugar. It's got a caramel-y flavor and is quite sticky.


Look like small hamburger, realy nice :)


oh! i've been reading your blog for the longest time. I'm from east malaysia, and I'm so pleased you found kompia, but I absolutely IMPLORE you to nip over to Sibu for the real deal; that way you can sample the more old school version as well: same bread, only filled with garlicky braised belly pork and all tht gorgeous braising liquid


Sloppy joes, a sort of hamburgers, from East Malaysia? Thanks.

S Lloyd

Kuching is an amazing City that I last visited in 2003 but will certainly visit again. I never heard of those Chinese hamburgers and look forward to try them one day.

Voyager Inde

hmm, the dishes seems to be sooooooooo yummy

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