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Karen from Globetrotter Diaries

I love that first photo!!! Great photos


Folks, she ain't kidding. I have one and it certainly brightens up my otherwise dull kitchen. Go for it! It does make a difference and a great surprise Xmas present too!


Thanks Karen.
Katy, thanks -- for your purchases and your support!


Thank you and Dave too for the lovely images of the places I myself am unlikely to get to and see. I am brooding over the Fraser Hill shot, wish you had gone earlier! :-) Haven’t excluded the possibility of witnessing the garden in person ‘yet’, though I’d ask myself why I would want to see something ‘British’ were I in Malaysia.


Looks like one needs to get an account to see the prices, last time I looked.



Bobster -- that's true. It doesn't cost anything to sign up, you just need a sign-on name and password, and it won't result in spam email. Other purchasers have found the process pretty seamless.
Thanks for reading.

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