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Robyn, I guess the caffein alone isn`t enough for you without the soda :D The wonton mee looks yummy!

The Turkish Life

I *so* feel you on the coffee thing. Even after living in Turkey for three years, I just can't swap over to tea -- no matter how many cups I drink, I still need coffee. Though I have sadly come to accept Nescafe as a substitute when needed.

marts aziz

It's been a while. I missed a good read from your blog. Thanks.


I think it is cool to drink coke first thing in the morning (I did for years, with a cigarette), but warm coke?

Allen Todd

So, where is Nam Seng located?

Teri Y.

I love a good cup of kopi too. Oh how I miss having kopi with condensed milk in a coffeeshop.

While I need a cup of coffee everyday, it's not for the caffeine though. Caffeine has no effect on me (not sure if that's unfortunate or fortunate!). I can go to bed 15 mins later after drinking coffee. But I still need to drink coffee everyday.... just for the taste of it. I'd still go into withdrawal mode if I didn't have my coffee, but it's not caffeine withrawal but just taste withdrawal :)


Arudhi - seems to be the case. Mornings I skip the diet coke I seem to need an extra cup of joe!
Jen - yeah, that has been an issue for us here too. 10 cups of tea won't do for me what 1 cup of coffee will.
Hey Marts! I've been remiss, I know. Thanks for hanging in there.
Albert - warm is I'm desperate (we didn't have mini-bars in much of our accoms in SE Turkey).
Allen - Nam Seng in on J Pasar. Same street as the big mosque behind J Gambir, steps from the entrance.
Teri - lucky you. I'd love to have coffee before bed but I'd be up all night.


Love the pictures!


count me in for coffee and diet coke, its the only 2 drinks i cherish everyday i wake up.

Account Deleted

Hey there! Been a follower of your blog since last year..especially love your coffee posts! I was wondering, since you seemed to like the cafe sua da that was particularly aesthetically pleasing, have you tried Teh C Peng Special in Sarawak? It comes almost like the coffee in your cafe sua da post, in three layers. Tea, milk (no idea whether condensed or evaporated) and (i've a feeling) gula melaka. Cold and depending on the stall, quite sweet but incredibly different! You MAY be able to find it in KL now though, in some mamak stalls.


Hi Tara -- we did have it, actually, several years ago. It's fantastic! Have had iced tea-coffee-milk in KL but it's nothing like Teh C Peng Special. And you're right, it's because of the palm sugar, which in Sarawak is actually gula apong (from the nipa palm) rather than gula melaka (from the sugar palm).
Thanks for reading!

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