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thee chilli/red sauce looks divine!


this noodle dish looks to-die for! thanks for sharing!


Oh my goodness, the wave of nostalgia your post brings. My late-grandparents lived in Jelutong and every morning, my grandmother would walk to the market for her groceries and would get (the first one on the post) wonton noodles back for breakfast. The crispy wontons are simply the best and the noodles are just really "Q". My family had a similar taste off years ago and it was decided that Lum Wah's the best of the two! :)


Must go back to Penang ! How did I miss these 2 gems ?

Rasa  Malaysia

Welcome to Jelutong morning market. That is the market that I grew up going to and always go to whenever I am home. There are a lot of good eats in the morning market. My favorite, the Nyonya kuih stall on the other end of the market. Love the cucur badak (hard to find it now). Also love the fast disappearing "fried umbrella kuih" (translate literally) sold by the "yaw char gui" hawker. At night, there is a mean tong sui stall with the best sweet peanut soup in Penang, served right beside a longkang. ;)


love to see if GPS position is provided...make easier for one who have not been to Penang for awhile..


Thang and angie - they taste even better than they look!

borneoboy - I think they'll be there for a while so you have time. :-)

Elaine -- small world! Thanks for sharing that lovely memory.

Bee, thanks for that tip. We've been lucky enough to make friends with locals over the past 2 yrs who've been quite generous with their hawker food knowledge.

Mwong - I'll make you a deal. Buy me a GPS-equipped device for Christmas and I'll be happy to provide GPS coordinates for every hawker stall and restaurant profiled on EatingAsia from here on out. Email me via the 'contact' on our sidebar and I'll provide my shipping address. ;-)

J2Kfm (Malaysian Food Blog)

Hmm, still not sold yet, for I have never been a fan of Penang's wantan mee.
Surprisingly, KL seems to have better wantan mee stalls, shops and even full fledged cafes.
I need the Char Siew to be of caramelized nature, chunky with tender bits of melting fat, basked in a glazed sauce.

That will lift any mediocre noodles up a notch. :)


J2Kfm -- that's really a personal thing. Hong Kong-ese are quite fond of their own wonton mee, with the (what some Malaysians might describe as 'anemic') char siew after all. I also prefer a nice sticky caramelized BBQ pork.
All that aside, the noodles themselves at the first place are exceptionally good.

Nathan Lau

Anyone who has a GPS can just plug in the intersection, or even the name of the location. Easier than plugging in coordinates.

I also prefer the pork "KL-style" but a good noodle begs a tryout.


We're way behind the times Nate, still using google maps. And I agree on both counts. I'm a noodle nut it's hard to beat KL char siu.

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