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The Quest For Zest

How cool! We had an experience similar to this with a convenience store owner as we left Venice. Very much a morning person, he had us behind his counter snapping photos and telling us how excited he was to be visiting Hollywood (and his son) later that year. By the time we left we didn't even need the O.J. we bought for a perk-up.

lara dunston

Hi Robyn

A quick note to thank you for this entry, which the judges absolutely loved, and to apologize for not saying so earlier, and to also let you know that you've won First Prize in the January HomeAway Holiday-Rentals Grantourismo Travel Blogging Competition! Congrats!

Full details below and I'll send a formal email a bit later today: http://grantourismotravels.com/2011/02/14/grantourismo-travel-blogging-competition-january-winners/

We'll be announcing details of our February HomeAway Holiday-Rentals Grantourismo Travel Blogging Competition a bit later today also - our final competition is a very easy one! Please spread the word.



Thank you for sharing such a great and interesting blog entry. We need fruit everyday.

delhi united

We learned that our fruit guy has many children. That he opens unusally late in the day to catch the evening commuter foot traffic. ..

i love fruit from istanbul..
nice article..


I wish there was a fruit man like that in our town. He has such a lively little office with photographs, paintings, radio, newspaper, pots... he must have a million stories to tell.


Isn't he great Sarah? And he does have stories ... we hear 1 or 2 every time we're in town. He's a treasure.

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