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Teri Y.

The book sounds exciting. Might it also have a couple local recipes thrown in?


I have been reading your blog for several months now and enjoy it so much. I get lost in another world (in your world..haha) just reading about the food and the far-away places that you visit. Thanks for spending the time to write and post pictures for us that don't get to travel much.

foodie and the chef

Is this five spice stewing mixture the same as Chinese master stock? What a great idea for the book!


wow, love the description of the chicken arranging, reminds me of staying with a family in the sichuan countryside just before new year - they slaughtered 12 of their ducks, and processed them in all in the courtyard, removing all the innards and offal, which we then ate in a hotpot that night :)


Teri - yes, probably. And we may be doing something else more food-ish with other material we gather during the year, so stay tuned.
Lonna - you're welcome, and thank you for the kind words!
foodie and the chef - No, not the way I understand 'master stock' (meat or poultry-based but neutral enough to use in a lot of recipes). The spice flavor is quite intense so you couldn't just use it in any dish.
Hey Jessie - that sounds great. Not sure about the offal hotpot though....

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