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Hope you're better now. :)

Teri Y.

I love chinese soups and have to admit that I can't do without them when I'm having dishes and rice for a meal. Like you said, some people don't get the lightness of it relative to hearty soups, but there's something about the light broth that makes it so flavorful and heart warming from the hours of boiling.


nice website


lovely post. i miss those chinese soups - and you're so right about most non-chinese people not liking them, it took me time too.

The Quest For Zest

Beautiful story! I'm glad something good came from you guys getting sick.


Shan-style rice noodles doused with thick yellow bean 'soup', all garnished with Sichuan-ish la jiao (chili oil), cilantro, green onions, and garlic oil. I purchased 5 baht worth of pickled mustard greens from a nearby vendor to eat alongside our noodles....

so hoottt..but i like it ...
nice information...thx u so much

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