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Nate @ House of Annie

I love som tam! This sounds great. The next time we get some fresh corn on the cob, we'll try this recipe. I suppose canned corn is out of the question?


do people add lemon grass in these salads?


somtam is delicious. I haven't cooked Thai food in a while now. This corn version looks fabulous. I love the flavors here, sweet, salty, tangy, that green flavor the long beans lend to the dish along with the ocean flavor imparted by the fish sauce ....mouthwatering :)

Teri Y

I've only had somtam with green papaya and long beans. Thanks for opening up my somtam horizons! Now I've got to try it with fruit and corn.


I remember when we first moved to Canada we didn't know where to get papaya or long beans. We had a green apple tree and my Mom experimented with that. We haven't had apple somtam since that first year.

heidi husnak

I love these types of salads. I think I will try it with raw young sweet corn from the farm stand and field down the road rather than cooked once the corn comes into season, I think capturing any corn milk that is released would also be nice.


Two of my favorite vegetable salads are som tam and summer corn with basil, cherry tomato, sherry vinaigrette and sometimes orzo. I never imagined switching up the ingredients of the two.

The Vietnamese version of green papaya salad often has dried beef "jerky" in it. Might be interesting to try with the corn version of som tam.

The Food Sage

Just had a fabulous deep fried soft shell crab with somtam at a Sydney restaurant. The salad was on top of the crab, which soaked up the wonderful juice! What I love about somtam is the textures - crunchy peanuts & bashed green beans, sofetr but still slightly crunchy green papaya, and the wonderful chewiness of dried shrimp that have softened with the moisture!! Thx for recipe in this post.


Nate - yes. But frozen isn't, just let it thaw thoroughly and blanch it if you absolutely need to soften it a bit. (But don't you get corn in Sarawak? Corn is everywhere here in KL.)

Albert - no, not in these kind of pounded salads, not usually. But you could add very thinly sliced lemongrass to 'salads' like yam woonsen (rice noodles with pork), yam talay (warm seafood salad), yam nya yang (grilled beef salad).

Teri, you're welcome. Go for it!

Bernadette - green apple somtam sounds great! You should recreate it.

Heidi - did you try it with the fresh corn? The sweet corn milk would definately add a nice dimension. (Cold corn 'milk' is sold at stands in northern Thailand BTW. Delicious and refreshing.)

Bob - I love that Viet green papaya/beef salad, and we used to eat lots of corn/pasta salad when we lived in Calif. Lots of ways you could go here. I think a little smoked fish (mackerel) tossed into a really tart green mango salad would be nice. Or cooked Chinese sausage added to the papaya. Something with a bit of saltiness and bold flavor with the fruit.

Food Sage -- that sounds fantastic. What I wouldn't give for a deep-fried soft shell crab.

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