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marts aziz

My fav, and putu mayam as well.


I'm so glad you recommended this when I was in Penang. Definitely was a highlight for me -- we went back twice! I had never had this treat before but then after we headed to Singapore I tried it again there and it didn't come close. Additionally, I love the word jaggery. Overall this was a big win.


I love puthu. It's harder and harder to come by unfortunately.


Puthu can be found in Indonesia as well. I made a short article about puthu in my blog, with bamboo tubes pictures in it (unfortunately it's in bahasa...please check this out at http://sintacarolina.blogspot.com/search/label/Legendaris


The first picture is called "putu piring" in bahasa melayu.Nice and sweet to eat.


This is very similar to the putu in Indonesia, though their version is smaller and shorter in my memory (I haven't had them in years).

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