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As usual, a beautiful post that makes me salivate! Amazing food, I can't wait to go to Istanbul and try this place. Thank you so much for the recommendation! Talking about recommendations, I would be forever grateful if you could post a list of your favorite addresses in Istanbul!!

Laura Stinson

ooh ooh ooh - I'll be in Cihangir in a few weeks, and my apartment is just a few blocks from Mucver! Any chance of getting a copy of your Map of Marvels?


Thank you Carole - well, my first favorite address would be on the web: http://istanbuleats.com . Those guys really know their stuff and they have the same affinity to lesser-known (to tourists, anyway) "real" places. We had many great meals in Istanbul thanks to them. Also, I'm not a tour person at all but I would highly recommend their food walks! When are you going? I'll try to compile something.

Laura - your wish is my command. Nothing really earth-shaking on the map, I meant it as a helpful "orient yourself in Cihangir" type thing. The top part that's cut off (to the right of Wine Shop) is a gourmet store, a great place to pick up a sampling of interesting Turkish cheeses (though they're awfully expensive) and olive oils. Keep going up that street (off the map) and there are cafes, etc. You MUST visit the pickle shop (unless you absolutely hate pickles) and try their dolma pickle. The produce shop is great but go early-ish bec not much left by 6pm.
Have fun! Oh, I am SO jealous. Want to be heading back to Istanbul right now.

Eurasian Sensation

Wonderful. I've eaten at many a Turkish restaurant outside Turkey, but this post shows the myriad of diverse and intriguing foods you can only get by going right to the source.


A food walk in Istanbul? that's a fantastic idea! Thank you so much for this great link. We are planning to go in Sept or Oct. I will definitely do this culinary tour if it's available then. I can't wait to try the lahmacuns in Istanbul! :)

Account Deleted

great post. mouth-watering pics.

might see you in chiang mai around songkran if you'll be there then?

am currently blogging my way round vietnam (http://thecooksbroth.blogspot.com/)!

best wishes


Account Deleted

last link dodgy, meant to say http://thecooksbroth.blogspot.com/

turkey's for life

Yes, we love Istanbul Eats, too (just reading your other comments). It's indispensable isn't it.

Loved this post and we're hoping to be back in Istanbul in October (inşallah) for our annual city fix so we'll hunt this place out. Turkish home-style cooking is just the best. :)


In my travels I have never had the opportunity to visit Turkey but have read about the foods and they sound delicious. I recently visited Chang Mai, Thailand and enrolled in a one day cooking class. I learned some very good tips on how to make Thai food taste authenic and will be trying them soon. Most of the ingredients are easily purchased on todays web sites.


Wonderful post Robyn - have started the proces of wearing the family down over a Turkey detour during our summer trip back home - think I still have a way to go :(


I've been following your blog for about a year now, and though I'd been saving posts of yours regularly I hadn't ever gotten the chance to check out any of your recommendations until yesterday, when my friend and I had lunch at Mucver. Gursel was even more outgoing than I'd imagined, and Emine was so shy and smiley and so cute! And all of the food was delicious and perfectly seasoned. We also went to Asri Turşucu and got the glass of mixed pickles, which were excellent.

Just one thing -- it might be helpful for people who are new to Cihangir/Istanbul if your map included one or two more street names. We wandered down Sıraselviler Caddesi to the mosque and worked it out from there, but having more than Palaska Sokak to orient by would have been helpful (though I understand that this was the map that you drew for your friend, who was staying in the area and probably did not need more than that!).

I love your blog, by the way, and Penang is creeping increasingly higher on my list of places to visit. I hope everything works out nicely for you with moving there!

shannon gordon

Just returned from a week in Istanbul and took two walking tours(Old City and the European Side) with Istanbul Eats - fabulous 6 hour walking tours with food, drinks, history, culture, jokes. Pace yourself so you don't miss anything.

Silverline Windows

I just got my kitchen remodeled, I'm going to start expiermenting with this. Looks good!


Hi there,
I'm late to this post, but trying to compile my own "must-eats" list in Istanbul. I'll be there in November for two weeks and would love to have a solid set of vegetarian-friendly and budget-friendly (so I can cram more eats in!) places in any and all neighborhoods (I'll be staying in galata). Any chance I could get a copy of the list you shared with Carole above?
Sorry to bother you, but would SO appreciate it! (I'm hunting and pecking through your site as we speak but worry I'm missing something!)

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