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Marts Aziz

This morning, actually, I just cooked a penne pasta with tofu. :-D

I like tofu, any kind, inc tempeh.

This is a very very good and lovely read. Thank you Robyn.


Marts - you and Dave are of like minds, apparently. The difference being that the tofu you used this morning is no doubt heaps better than the stuff he used in Michigan 25 years ago. ;-)

peter pann

Only prepacked crapy tofu here for the moment..... But I agree good tofu is fantastic.


Once I made vegetarian satay with firm tofu cubes...used the same marinade as the meat satay. Turned out so well that everyone was going for it, not just the vegetarians!


Aaaaaah, THANK YOU for this post. I want to forward it to the entire Western world.


Woah, you slather fermented tofu on chicken and steam it? Could you elaborate on that in a future post? While I come here for travel food porn, I really appreciate simple but authentic recipes and fermented bean curd is easy to find in asian stores. Or is there an entire post on fermented bean curd? This is a relatively easy to find, hard to figure out ingredient here in the states and guidance from you would be lovely! Thanks for this new recipe!

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