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I love georgetown too and your post brought back great memories...your photography is very very inspiring

Teri Y

Cute! I wonder what happens to the dogs when the pedicab driver picks up passengers?


Penang's the only places to get wantan mee with sambal I think :D


Thank you Kalyan! Yep, George Town is a special place.

Teri -- they hang out with the other trishaw drivers on Jalan Penang. There's a whole row of them.

KY - I think you're right. Haven't encountered sambal with wonton mee elsewhere.

Account Deleted

oh i love penang. these pictures bring back nice memories


True Malaysian scenes

Shiew Yuin

Love the pic of the dogs - the one with its head on the arm rest looks like its really chillin' in its ride in the sun :)

elliptical reviews

No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.


er, thanks for the comment. Feel free to Like us on Facebook (link is at left top of page "Join Us on FB"), from where you can share easily.

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