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Liuzhou Laowai

I hate you and I hate this blog. It leaves me slobbering and drooling every time I read it. The neighbours are beginning to complain!

Another great (horrible) post. Great words, great pictures. Stop it!

(Please don't stop!)


grilled chicken larb must add a wonderful smokiness to the dish, have you had chicken large with gizzards, hearts etc?

Kuei-Ti Lu

The Chinese broccoli, with sauce, can by itself serve as a dish. I grew this in my home when I was young; even a small amount of it can make you chewing for a long time just to taste it longer.


I have put these dishes on my "attempt to duplicate" list as the weather warms up. They all look and sound immensely appealing.

Account Deleted

I love the way you shoot photos!!!
See you tomorrow at Euang Kam Sai Restaurant.

sewa mobil

Nice article, thanks for the information.


Ooh, I love cendol and that looks like a stupendous variation! I'm dying to try it.


Your picture of the girl in her kitchen is incredibly beautiful. There's something about it.


It always strikes me how wonderfully vibrant the food is, the greens are always so bright and food never overcooked.


Please send all of the food in the pictures to me immediately. Will provide tiffin tins and FEDEX account number. - Thanks.


Barbecue Pork Recipe

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delhi amateur

Sawtooth coriander adds an agressive herbiness that counters the tom yam's ferocious chili heat...

nice pic! thx information


Trying to plan my trip around some of these amazing restaurants. You know it's very difficult to replicate it? I can't seem to find some of these places on the map. :( (We'll get a tuktuk and hope for the best)


Hi Ben -- unfort. you won't find most of these places on the map (although Phetch Doi Ngam, which I posted on earlier and is, I think, a must-visit resto for N. Thai food, is on the Nancy Chandler Chiang Mai map. Stop in at Asia Books on Tha Phae Road, outside the old city, and pick one up --- it's a fantastic resource that will lead you to all kinds of great places). For this place tell the songthaew or tuk-tuk driver "suan dok rong phayabaan" [soo-ahn dohk roong pah-yah-baan]-- a grassy field that is just opposite this little lane. Requires a bit of poking around but worth it. (Most of the best places do, and are.) Good luck.

Pakistani restaurant

Damn !!! These dishes look so delicious


They've moved up the same street closer towards Suthep. Map pin is 7MCWQXQC+HQ. Near 67 Suthep Road. Coming from main Street, it should be first restaurant on the left

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