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Got a glimpse on Songkran at Bourdain's year old episode on Thailand recently. Was great to read more about it here. Interestingly lot of Indian communities, including us bengalis, celebrated our new year now. We spent the day eating. Bengali for lunch. Chinese for dinner included a specially made Hainanese chicken rice for us


nice work, you two. Maybe I too will get there for Song kran instead of avoiding it!
ALso a pleasure to see Wat Saen Fang featured. Such a great neighbour, that wat...


We've just come back from Song Kran a few days back, and we still miss being wet whole day a lot. I love the beautiful capturing of Song Kran from the North. I heard it was the best in Chaing Mai.

Sandra in Asia

I now avoid Bangkok during Songkran. Did it once in the crowds and that was enough. I have seen firetrucks using powerful water hoses used for spraying. People get a bit mean throwing ice cold water from trucks as well. And I am not thrilled with overzealous people smearing white goo all over my face.

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