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All the best! =)

Tracey@Tangled Noodle

Congratulations and wishing you and Dave all the best in your new home!


Didn't realize you were contemplating permanent move to Penang. And just as I was seeing my way clear to 2 days in KL on way back from Bali in mid-Oct! Destiny is proving to be a negative force in our quest to meet up in person!
Good thing is it doesn't change our online relationship. Good luck to you and Dave with the move. Understand the mammoth task of getting pets settled but also no doubt exciting at the same time.


Sounds exciting - and I love Penang. Enjoy!


Lucky you, moving to one of my favorite places on earth, full time! Dare I ask, did you find a place in the old city?

Turkey's For Life

Congratulations on your move - and new blog - and current blog makeover. Wow, you two are going to be busy!! At the moment, we don't envy you. We struggle keeping up with one blog! Sounds like you're really excited so we're looking forward to all things new from you! :)

Graham Holliday

Certainly seems like you'll have mapped the entire island by the end of your stay there :)

Don't envy the packing up bit though... Still remember our last packing up sesh :(

Bon chance.


Good luck to your move to Penang and congratulation. Best move ever.....
Looking forward to your new blog and foodie adventure.


Life just gets better and better! Best of luck :-)

Teri Y.

Good luck with the move and am looking forward to more great stories and pics once you both have officially become Penangites!


Good luck to you both - can't wait to read about the next phase of your amazing adventures. Px


Penang sounds lovely, I've never been but imagine nice beaches and swaying palms. Congrats on the move.

Camila F.

I wish you all the good luck in the world! ♥


Hope your move goes as smoothly as possible.


Penang will be fantabulous! Congratulations, and have fun in CM! :)


good luck guys! hope everything goes as smoothly as possible - lots of love, j xx


Best of luck with the move (from my experience, cats do not like change ....). looking forward to the new blog and more eatingasia.

Kelantan Gal

I'm envious that you will be living in one of the best makan places in the world. Having just moved, I know the pain. So I am sending you lots of positive energy for your packing and moving. All the best! Can't wait for your new blog.


I envy you both, though not the packing bit. Miss Penang, was born there.


Enjoy the move to Penang....


Best. Move. Ever! *hi-5!* Penang is just amazing - I was born in KL (now residing in Melbourne) but consider Penang home. Anyone with the opportunity to pick up and relocate there is a lucky son-of-a-gun indeed. Love the blog, and best of luck with the move.


All the best. I'm sure you'll find many hidden gems in Penang. Suits you guys who sometimes know about street foods better than the locals ...


All the best, Dave and Robyn. I wish we could have made it one more time for a good meal in Puchong before your move. Are you leaving immediately?

Rasa Malaysia

OMG Robyn, I didn't know that. I am so happy for you. Sending you an email...


Good luck with your new projects, the makeover and the move.

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